Good to see Blizzard announce a lot of content in Pax aside Cain

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04/06/2018 01:44 AMPosted by sapphiron22
this is soo true it hurts

It really does. =(
04/05/2018 07:56 PMPosted by mynd
They will, however, improve the existing reconnect, which they have done. Have you needed to reconnect recently? It gets it done in less than a minute now. It used to take upwards of 5

Flat out lie, it's worse than it ever was when you watched the game move super fast until it was live.

Uh, no. It’s completely true. I just had some connection problems last night and had to reconnect to a couple of games. It took less than a minute both times, so my experience that the bit you quoted was based on was not a fluke. And none were times were I d/c’d at the start. 5+ or more minutes each time. Sounds like you just haven’t had to reconnect recently.

04/05/2018 07:58 PMPosted by Efaarts
04/05/2018 06:40 PMPosted by XiChorn
These are all just personal and subjective complaints

Lol, improving matchmaking is a personal and subjective thing. This guy cracks me up. Yea, if they improved it, what about all the players who wanted worse matchmaking? What about them? Great points.

Btw, before you try to change the conversation to whether or not matchmaking is actually bad or needs improvement, let me show you this over here: the door.

No, it is personal and subjective. You think matchmaking is bad and needs improvements, but the reality is you’re just basing that on your skewed personal perception. It’s in a good place. They can always improve, as in any system like this, but it’s not the sort of travesty that requires a shout out at a convention.
04/05/2018 03:51 PMPosted by Lavi
-new engine for better reconnect

Dream more, never going to happen...
04/05/2018 03:51 PMPosted by Lavi



04/05/2018 03:51 PMPosted by Lavi

-Improve the matchmaking experience .

Blizzard made many games so far none of it had good matchmaking, so keep dreaming, noone in the whole blizzard is competent enough to create a working one.
And with that abysmal playerbase this game has, it's not even possible.(Unless if you wait like 30min for a game.)
04/05/2018 03:51 PMPosted by Lavi

-Fix the Silence system

Fix the players instead. Those snowflake morons should just learn how to use the very complex system called ignore.

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