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03/22/2018 05:01 PMPosted by UMDRevan
There should be a Report option for substance abusers.

Homeschool detected
I play high pretty much all the time I play and dominate..
I'm guilty of this, it's fun as heck. I only do it in qm though. Lot more talkative on voice chat too, when intoxicated.
03/22/2018 07:45 PMPosted by Troubled
Usually if I am drinking and playing, getting hammered while at it, I'll notify the team immediately that I am drunk and that I am not at my best. I've had some really good conversations while getting lit, but I do it very rarely. Than again I play exclusively bots so it is not a make or break situation if I am not sober.

"Guysh I'm really faded, roomsh shpinning, shorry me way lose..."

Raynor AI wants to take Siege Camp

"Thanksh for undershtanding, you guysh are the greatesht"
03/23/2018 10:46 AMPosted by Steinarr
What a surprise that a butcher avatar plays drunk. Would explain a lot

Said the guy who has a Dva avatar :)
Someone share the same passion ?

With 2 friend we generally drink all night long and play Heroes.

At first i feIel like i play better but after few more dri ks i play like a potato

HA, fkn luv ya. I play on my own though, don't let my mates get on the train. What you say is so true thoug. Guessing it's stress relief at first and then just drunkedness. Cheers!
Some people actually play sober?
Soo it seems like HotS is turning into a ..... online pub?
No wonder the MM is drunk most of the time, or got a hangover LUL
Make a que for drunks........... oh wait we have QM.
HOTS is most fun with beer along the side, you always try to focus harder until you snap off and realize those 10 kills you made was just in your head LOL
I play drunk all the time. Initially it helps me focus.
On my 3rd beer my hero makes noble sacrifices.
By the 5th beer I get really sloppy, go on a raging drunk trolling spree in General chat, then pass out while searching for Quickmatch.
Sorry for all the teams I've screwed over playing so trashed.
I keep a small Bottle of Jack Daniels and a can of Coke near my gaming PC. There's a post-it note on it that says, "In Case of Alterac Map."
Wait...we are supposed to play this game sober?

Muradin: "Two thousand gold says I get more kills than you."
you guys are making me want to run out and grab a six pack.. why was this guy ever down voted? playing while drinking is so much fun
If you play drunk in a group of five, I don't see anything wrong with it. If you are really tanked you will own ruin your games and give free wins to others.
I never play wasted, but sometimes i played quite drunk it was fun. I mean i always play aba(he is my main above lvl 70) and sometimes i make spectacular plays with him, if im drunk. My most fun game was when in QM from 5 random players 4 was drunk and last guy was high. We messed around all game, had really funny conversations, and won, cuz the enemy team had no idea what we were doing. I wouldn't recommend it tho, especially if you mainly a solo gamer like me, you can ruin the games for others.

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