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Here is the problem, sleep is unviable in most target/situaition because it is too easy to break instantly (I mean this little one creep will wake up the target). You have to have your 4 other teammates know exactly when you will use it and on who. Even when your teammate realizes a target will become asleep, there's this little tip of damage (like 1 dmg) to wake up the target.

Here are my ideas, it can be a mix of those things:
1. The target has an animation before becoming asleep. He is invulnerable when falling down. This would give some time for your teammate to stop their attacks on it.
2. A damage threshold should be met before the target wakes up.
3. Creeps don't target sleeping heroes.

1 is my favorite option. Even stealth on heroes like samuro and valeera has a certain delay before being revealed, to counter them being instantly revealed when they are going stealth. Sleep should work the same way.
Damage over time effects don`t wake up sleeping heroes if applied before so not all damage wakes them up.

As for being unviable it`s far from it. Both sleep abilities Ana`s dart and Deckard`s heroic are in the top longest cc`s if they last for the full duration. The trick is to know when to use them.

Ana`s dart can be an excellent escape tool if she`s getting caught solo or an amazing setup for engage. Yes you can`t use it if the enemy is getting attacked but even then it`s an interrupt for stuff like mosh pit. If you manage to hit a max range dart on a hero your team can easily followup on it and start a cc train or just aim a high damage heroic on him. Just use it as an initiation not as followup.

As for Deckard Cain his heroic is not only an initiation tool but a zoning one as well. You sleep the heroes close to you but also deter the ones farther from moving in. Yes ther`s no reason to do that when they all get attacked by minions or stand in Blaze`s fire but on maps like BoE you can lockdown an entire team, the front gets attacked and woke up while the back ones still sleep. It`s super powerful just has to be used correctly.

In the end it all comes to using the sleep at the right spot and your team knowing not to wake the opponents up with something worthless like autos but do a wombo combo while they sleep. It can be hard in lower leagues but give it time. It`s like with Medivh portals - people didn`t know how to use them for a while. Once people learn how to take advantage of sleep it`ll start working.
The one that frustrates me the most is ana's dart. Decard Cain, it's fine because it's not like all your team will target everybody at the same time. Worst scenario would be usually one-two target being waking up. Leaving at least 3 heroes sleeping.
Let Fenix sleep to death with Lunara, Gul'dan and Ana's Shrike.
04/29/2018 02:21 PMPosted by Hoover
You have to have your 4 other teammates know exactly when you will use it and on who.

So you're saying it's mechanic that only works if you...*GASP* talk to your teammates!? The horror!
You do know some abilities have usefulness in other things outside of killing, like disengaging. I bet you one of those people that ONLY use fal gust by trying to jump behind enemies and push them in.
Just have a good Chromie and you can get a lot of value out of sleep
He does have a point. There should be more of an indicator of when someone is asleep.

But also you should be pinging your abilities.
I like that it has it's downsides and feel like it shouldn't be used mid team fight. I think of it less as a set up for wombos since it is so easy to break it even by accident. I use it sort of like void prison where you can disable a group of Heroes to keep them at bay while the rest of your team kills off the others. It's also a great means of disengaging.
But I do feel that maybe a 0.5 second of sleep being unbreakable would be nice.

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