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I've started noticing a trend lately where there's more than one sustain, sometimes up to three or four, on one team and only a single healer on the other team. I've been on both sides of this and it's pretty much guaranteed that the team with more healers and shields will win the match. Even if they lack the damage, they just kite enough for some decent poke, putting strain on the single healer to keep their team topped up, and then pounce. In the past, the matchmaking seemed to be decent at avoiding this type of situation.

Is this just me, or is anyone else experiencing this?
Experiencing the same, but the outcome is pretty much bound to which map you get. I've been on the side where we have a small map with more than one healer in our team, while the enemy has none. We completely crush them. On the opposite side, I've had games on 4Head junction where we end up with a healer and two supports while the enemy team gets 2 specialists and we end up getting completely outpushed because we do not have any pressure in the lanes and cannot out rotate the enemy team.

Just bad matchmaking being bad matchmaking (or unlucky might be a better word) Let's hope things like this are avoided as soon as Blizzard decides to redo the classification system and actually assigns metrics towards all heroes to avoid bad matchups like this.
It depends on the players, heroes and map - i would not make an over generalized statement like a team with more support heroes will win most of the time.
For me that's what makes QM fun to play.
Yesterday I had a game with a 4-warri comp against a single johanna on Haunted Mines. E.T.C and Blaze were a duo and we got an Leo and me as D.Va as addition. The game doesn't care about roles when it's about groups. Let's say a team has a 2p team of healer it still counts it just as one in total. Thereafter it's a gamble if an additional support joins those 2 heals or the other team. If the team with extra heal can outsustain the enemies it's an unfair advantage for them, if the opponents can capitalize on their lacking damage potential for particular maps or against your comp, it's unfair for this support heavy team. Groups and their roles have to be fixed so they don't give redundant roles to one side.
matching roles will not create any better balance.
Some assassins are stronger vs other assassins but some assassins are much better against warriors for example. The same goes for the bruisers/warriors. Anub has magic armor so he's better vs mages while heroes like Johanna/Arthas have armor vs auto attacks.
In some drafts, teams pick a different class compositions on purpose to counter the enemy team: (3x assassin+support+tank vs 1x assassin+2x support +2x warrior).

In my opinion too many people fail to realize that QM isn't meant to be a well balanced place. I don't think it's a problem that we have one mode that is a bit more imbalanced but on the other hand we can play the hero we want and have short queue times.
Why do people complain about QM matchmaking?
- They have no clue about the game design and therefore expect QM to be a balanced game mode. Then they meet the reality and are disappointed/angry.
When you queue up for QM you know that you can end up in a team with a disadvantage in advance (you take the risk willingly when you queue up). If you are up for the challenge then fine but if you need to cry about losing in QM and blame matchmaking for it, then i just think you are not really a competent player. You could choose to play draft mode where games end up much more balanced but you didn't (competence?^^).

I play both modes, depending on my mood and friends that are online. I enjoy QM as it is and i also enjoy draft modes. You can't expect to get into high quality matches all the time, in all the different modi because we will get matched with many different players from the battlenet...

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