Cho'Galls shove ability is broken

Bug Report
Cho'Galls nudge or "Shove" as you call it now is kinda bugged at the moment. Before the Deckard Cain patch a Gall could shove when rooted, stunned or in any kind of CC. He can't do that now and in the patch notes for both Cho and Gall it says nothing about it.

Furthermore I looked through every single patch that has been done to Cho'Gall, and specifically Shove, and the only patch ever that had anything to do with Shove, was something about it not being usable when Stitches hook him.

The distance of Shove is also completely off don't know if you somehow broke the ability or what, it barely moves the champ anymore.

With more than 300+ games with Cho'Gall its easy to tell that it is not the same, it is not even close. The patch with Deckard Cain ruined the ability "Shove". Please do something about it.

Shove is what allowed a Cho'Gall to play offensively, and this ability not working as intended is a huge deal.

(If a developer sees this and wants proof, I will be happy to upload a video with before and after.)
New harvested potato devs with an average IQ of 10 real IQ
05/06/2018 03:05 PMPosted by Raae
New harvested potato devs with an average IQ of 10 real IQ

1) HotS has had some issues with their testing process catching some of this stuff for quite a while. This isn't exactly new.

2) Don't be rude.
funny thing... its worked for me all up until last week when i saw another chogall playing and noticed the pathetic ability at work.... i have reported it but it honestly looks like it was ninja nerfed

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