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One of the most frustrating parts to Heroes is the chest and loot reward system. I love the concept, I am always excited when I get a hero in a chest (and have been fairly lucky on that count); however, the progressions itself is really difficult to gather gems, shards, and gold.

I've been playing for a while, and I understand that Blizzard also wants to make money (hence being able to purchase gem stashes) but it takes a bloody long time to gather gems if you don't have money to throw at the game. Especially for new players, gathering heroes is often difficult and makes the experience playing against more valuable/powerful heroes frustrating.

So I was thinking to break it down a little. Increase the gold rewards from each game. Maybe even increase the gold reward by game type, more gold from ranked than unranked, more from QM than AI.

Increase the shard rewards (when you receive only shards from a chest; love that duplicate items are exchanged into shards). I would like to see the ability to reroll a single crest (and retain the same rarity) for a shard-cost. I have received, for instance, a legendary skin for one hero twice: why not have a 500 shard reroll to reroll the legendary item (as the item type). This way you won't get a wasted legendary and you cannot get a more expensive/less expensive legendary (without losing the entire chest or expending all your gold).

As to gems, 150 every 25 levels is not hard to get when you're under 100 levels, but after 200 it's a steep, endless, and exaggerated progression for almost no functional reward. 750 gems for a legendary hero means one needs 125 levels to get one hero. Why not do something like 100 every ten, or ten per level? This means that at level 300 you could play a new hero and gather gems quicker which creates broader playing spectrum if you're a player who wants to progress many heroes, and gives you a more balanced reason to progress in character levels. Also, as a new player you could purchase that one hero you're dying to have off the weekly swap and learn to play like a badass; while, also not overwhelming the value of heroes. And, it means you might earn a few stim packs without needing to break your credit card, if you work hard (rather than endlessly: 9000 gems for the legendary 360 stim? Crazy).

I very much appreciate the sales on heroes and cosmetic items with in-game currency. I just feel like the progression as it stands is too little too slow. At some point, getting chest and reward items is just a long long grind rather than a fun and enticing bonus.


I would love to see Blizzard put it's team of minds on some great allusions/jokes to the game. For instance, instead of "Skull Collector" as a reward title in the Haunted Mines map, why not "Skeletor"? I assume some of these things are legal issues around rights and what not, but it would be a lot more fun than a title telling you that you've collected the most skulls...

It would just add more fun/variability to each game.

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