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Hey folks,

We've received a number of FPS issue reports over the past few days, and from what we can tell there seem to be several different problems going on at once. Not all players are having issues, and different fixes are working for different people. I've created a few threads to try to narrow this down and collect reports in the right place. This thread has a few different posts.

Troubleshooting Steps

These are the things we have seen reported to fix the FPS issues for some players on lower end machines, or those which are having . You should only follow these steps if you are having latency problems at the same time that you're having FPS problems. If any of these steps work for you, please post below with this information. If these steps do not work, or you are not also having latency problems, check out this post.

    1. The first thing you want to try here is Resetting your Game Settings to default.
    2. If this does not work, try enabling vsync by following these instructions:

- Go to your heroes of the storm settings menu
- Go to the Graphics tab
- Check the option for Vertical Sync
- Click Accept

    3. If you're still having problems, reduce your sound quality by following these instructions:

- Go to your heroes of the storm settings menu
- Go to the Sound tab
- Uncheck the option for Enable Reverb
- If problems persist, reduce the number of Sound Channels
- If this works around your problem, make sure to follow the next step

    4. Finally, check your system for overheating by running HWMonitor while playing the game. The overheating may be on the CPU, so make sure to check the Max column for CPU and GPU temperatures after a game with bad FPS.
If this works, we need information from you!

We're busy trying to track down several possible FPS problems here. Any help you can provide is useful for us. We are interested in this information:

    1. Which step fixed the problem for you (or if you found overheating, where the overheating was)
    2. Please post a copy of your DXDiag by following the steps in the code block below.

Keep in mind that if the steps in this thread do not help you, or you are not using a NVidia card, you are having a different problem. You can look for other problems at this post.

You can generate a text copy of your DxDiag using these instructions. Once you have that made, open the file. You'll need to copy and paste the contents of the Text document into the post using the "Code" button (</>). This will let us look for things that you all have in common.
Other Troubleshooting Resources

The threads below cover the other issues we are looking into. If we find more problems, we'll update this post.

If none of these problems is relevant to your issue, we need you to create your own post. In this post, please let us know every step you've tried to troubleshoot the problem. We also need you to post a DXDiag in your personal thread. The post above this one tells you how to create and post the DXDiag.

Thanks for helping us investigate these issues.
Hello, having performance issues, such as stuttering and fps drops every couple seconds, in menu and in game.

gtx 1080 founders
16gb ram
8tb hdd
1000w power

All other games i ever used run at max with no problems but this game??? really???

Any fixes? been trying various methods and none work. Please list all that i should try

Thank you in advance
Zmadmonkey from Twitch
What really fixed for me (and as far as I know for a lot other people) was a Win 10 related issue.

As previous user suggested, I turned off the option for "fast reboot", under settings/ system/power and sleep/additional power settings /change what the power buttons do/ then unchecked the box "turn of fast startup".

I got this fix from a very useful topic that the moderator closed understanding it was a "necro", so its possible many other players don't get the chance to see this fix.

That said, the fix above explained should be added here or under a specific Win 10 related issues.

Thank you in advance.
I've tried all of these to fix my dropped frames and I still can't seem to get this fixed. It only happened after I updated my game and I know my PC can handle all of my games except HotS ? Please help as I'd love to stream this !


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