Does this deserve an action from Blizzard?

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Please look at Sylvana's damage, kills/assists and deaths. She literally walked into their towers all game. ALL GAME.

If this does not deserve a BAN, then HL is really just a waste of time in life.
it is reportable as intentionally dying. whether something comes out of the report is another thing
Check this one ! Vunlontary Losing.
this is a competitive discussion forum not a complain about players forum.
Some people didn't get attention from their parents growing up, so they seek attention by pissing normal people off online. It happens at least twice a day for me.
Meanwhile, I get banned after 11 games going 6-5 and never going afk/throwing once. I got banned 1 hour after leading my team to an insane easy victory. Guess they aren't interested in keeping the game alive. No wonder ranked matchmaking is so completely broken now.

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