Hero Concept: Timmy the Cruel

Hero and Skin Suggestions
My Hero concept! My first time doing one so in depth and detailed, so constructive criticism, ideas and any support are all appreciated.

If any of you do not know and are interested, Timmy is actually a recurring character in Warcraft, having been around since the beginning of Warcraft 3. All stats are placeholders and/or suggestions.

Based on this ghoul's memories of his existence before undeath, (which admittedly are a tad hazy, and perhaps outright fabricated) one might say little Timmy had a tough childhood. The youngest of his mother's 5 children, he was often bullied by his siblings, and neglected by his mother. Before the Third War, he was forgotten, and left behind during hide and seek in the woods, resulting in him being abducted by bandits. Though rescued from the bandits by Arthas, Timmy and his family would later be forced to flee their home to escape the Plague of Undeath, seeking refuge in nearby Andorhal.

Sadly, his siblings, in a cruel joke, replaced him with a young orphan boy also named Timmy, who his mother took with her when she fled Andorhal with his siblings, leaving little Timmy behind to succumb to the plague.

Fueled by uncontrollable hatred and rage for all he has endured, his body bloated and twisted by the dark magics of the Scourge, Timmy has entered the Nexus, eager in death to show all the same cruel hand that he was dealt in life(at least, based on what he can remember...)

Timmy never forgives. Timmy never forgets, and soon, all shall suffer as he has! TIMMY!!

(numbers are placeholders/suggestions)
Timmy, the Cruel

Difficulty: Very Hard

Melee Specialist (or Melee Assassin/Bruiser/whatever Blizz would classify him as if or when they get rid of the specialist role)

A fragile yet persistent lane bully, pusher, and bruiser, who can quickly return from the dead, and use his own deaths to his advantage.

Health 500
Health Regen 10
Armor 0
Attack Speed 1
Attack Range 1.25
Attack Damage 80

Trait: Cruel Revenant
Passive: Timmy grants no experience upon dying, except for 30 seconds after respawning. For 75% of that time, Timmy takes 50% less damage from non-heroic sources, 20% less from heroic sources, and deals 100% more damage.

Active: While alive, you can toggle this trait to decide whether Timmy will respawn normally, or respawn at your corpse which reduces the duration that you yield experience by 50% without reducing the duration of its benefits.

Active: Upon death, for 10 seconds, Timmy may be reanimated, after a 3 second delay. This Increases the amount of time that you yield experience (and the duration of the associated buffs) by 200%, and the amount of experience your deaths yield to the the enemy team by 500%. If Timmy goes 10 seconds without dealing any form of damage during this time, his body will begin to rapidly decompose, losing 4% of his health per second for the remainder of the time he yields experience, or until he dies, awarding the enemy team experience. Timmy can not hearth or use healing wells while losing health in this way. The Spawning zone also does not heal nor negate this damage. 60 second cooldown.

Piggyback [Z] Cooldown 6 seconds
After 2 seconds, hop on to a target allied hero and be carried by them wherever they go. Lasts until allied hero is damaged, or until cancelled.

The Cruel Hand [Q] Cooldown: 3 seconds
Activate to cause Timmy's basic attacks to deal 50% less damage, but cause enemies hit to deal 20% reduced damage for 3 seconds. Basic attacks extend the duration of this both on Timmy and enemies hit by 1 second, up to 8 seconds. (Damage reduction also applies to enemy structures? Damage reduction increases per attack by 5% either baseline or through a talent?)

Thrash [W] Cooldown: 7 seconds
Timmy charges at a target enemy or structure, and upon reaching them, begins thrashing his arms wildly, while slowly following the enemy for 3 seconds, hitting all enemies in an arch centered on the main target for 200% basic attack damage a second. After that, or upon being interrupted, Timmy's attack speed is increased by 30% for 3 seconds.

Ravenous Claws [E] Cooldown: 9 seconds
Deal 80% basic attack damage to an enemy and heal for 150% of the damage done, healing for less the longer Timmy has been alive, for as little as 25%. The healing is doubled against non-heroic targets. Timmy's next basic attack will strike immediately.

TIMMY!!! [R] Cooldown: 30 seconds
After 1 second, Timmy becomes enraged for 8 seconds, increasing his attack damage by 50%, and attack and movement speed by 20%. During this time, your ultimate is replaced with "... the Cruel?!". Targeting a hero with this ability causes Timmy to leap onto their head, blinding and slowing the target, forcing Timmy to only auto-attack the target for the duration of TIMMY!!!

The Damned Stand Ready [R] Cooldown: 180 seconds
Passive: Timmy is now accompanied by a "Cultist of the Damned". While the Cultist is alive, Timmy gets 10 armor and Timmy's basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Cruel Revenant by 1 second. Cultists provide 10% experience to the enemy on death.

Active: Activate at any time while dead, to cause the Cultist, if still alive, to appear at your corpse, and reanimate Timmy at 50% health after channeling for 5 seconds. The Cultist is invulnerable to damage while channeling but not crowd control. This ability does not trigger any of Cruel Revenants' respawn penalties. Can not be cast if you have chosen to return to Spawn.

More information such as talent ideas will be added once I am certain the thread won't get deleted again.
Man, I miss little Timmy :'(
I kinda like that idea. To me it seems like after adding some talents it could be even better then how it is now. I hope that your idea works out for you
While the trait could be complicated i do rather like it to be honest and Timmy would be a good hero to add to WoW, he was a mini meme back in warcraft 3 if i recall or something and most knew the name of the child turned ghoul.
Hero Explanation
As mentioned above, Timmy is a vicious bruiser with strong siege capabilities, capable of assaulting your enemies' structures head-on while just refusing to stay dead.

Timmy's trait, "Cruel Revenant", has a few important features, two of which are mutually exclusive to a large degree.

In essence, Timmy can manage his own death timer and significance to the enemy team depending on how long he has been alive, and how much he is willing to risk.

By default, his deaths yield no experience except for during a 30 second window after he respawns. So, similarly to Murky, his deaths can often be more forgiving, even beneficial as he gains a temporary damage resistance and bonus siege damage during the time that he grants XP. However, his base death timer is the same as other heroes. Keep that in mind, lest you recklessly end up throwing your life away right before an objective when your team needs you most. Furthermore the time frame after respawn means the enemy team does have an opportunity to kill you again and gain experience, and while in their field of vision, you will have a marker above your head letting the enemy team know this, so be careful!

Second, Timmy has the option of deciding whether he will respawn like everyone else at hearth, or leave behind a corpse upon death and respawn there, reducing the window in which you can yield experience by half. This has to be decided before dying by toggling your trait, so being aware of which you have it set to is important, as you can miss out on opportunities to quickly join a team fight nearer to your corpse than spawn, or on the flip side, end up respawning in a terrible position, only to quickly die all over again, giving the enemy team extra XP.

Timmy may also can activate his trait while dead to respawn nearly immediately. However, this comes at a cost, increasing the amount of time for which your deaths yield XP. This does also increase the duration he has increased damage and armor, but it also increases the amount of experience the enemy gets for killing you by a massive amount giving the enemy team a chance, should they manage to kill you yet again, to compensate for all the deaths that otherwise give them nothing. Everyone is alerted to your return, with an icon appearing on the mini-map indicating your location. Also, if you chose to respawn at your corpse, their is a slight delay and animation sequence beforehand, so any enemy heroes nearby will be able to see you reanimating during that time. Choosing to respawn at your corpse does still reduce the amount of time you yield experience by half though.

Those deciding it seems more worthwhile to try and wait out the penalty timer by hiding, will be soon be met with rapid health loss for the remainder of the timer, yielding the increased XP to the enemy on death.

His abilities and talents largely revolve around his basic attacks, or his trait.

"Thrash", for instance causes Timmy to fixate on a target and to rapidly scramble towards the target enemy hero, minion, or structure, striking all enemies in front of him in a large arch for a few seconds upon reaching them, and then increases his basic attack speed for a few seconds. Timmy can be crowd controlled while fixated, and during the AoE phase of this ability, but he will still gain increased attack speed afterwards. With talents, Timmy will move at his normal movement speed to follow moving targets during the AoE attack. "The Cruel Hand", *cough* on the other hand, trades raw damage for utility. Temporarily cutting his basic attack damage in half while causing them to reduce all damage of the enemies and enemy structures hit for a short duration, which he can extend with each basic attacks Talents can cause this effect to also be applied and extended by Thrash's initial area damage strikes, reduce enemy damage further with each hit, or even lessen the damage penalty on himself during it. Meanwhile "Ravenous Claws" heals Timmy for an amount that increases the more recently he has respawned, but can only be used on an enemy near or within his melee range. Talents can slow or reduce the decay of the heal of this ability.

Ults coming up next.
His first ult, "TIMMY!!!" focuses directly on his combat prowess. After a short delay, during which he howls his name for all other players to hear, enters into a frenzy increasing his movement speed and, letting him it harder and faster. While active the ability is replaced with the "... the Cruel?!" ability allowing Timmy to leap onto an enemy hero's head, blinding and slowing that hero (they can still move), and causing Timmy to only be able to attack that hero with basic attacks until the ability ends, the target dies, or until Timmy is dealt with through hard CC or by killing him, as Timmy can not cancel this ability.

At 20, this ability's Storm version "Me Eat Brains..." has a slightly longer duration, during which Timmy, and is now extended with each melee attack, while also allowing Timmy to cast "Ravenous Claws" during "... the Cruel?!" on its target, as well as silencing them.

His second ult, "The Damned Stand Ready" focuses on his trait and map presence. There's two parts to this ability, one for when he is alive, the other, for when he is dead. When alive, the ult now gives you control of a second hero called "Cultist of the Damned". The Cultist provides a couple benefits to Timmy while alive, including armor and trait cooldown reduction on basic attacks. The Cultist can be directed with R, and may be directed to follow an allied hero, but must remain within a certain distance of Timmy. The Cultist has an auto attack which it may be directed to use, however it has permanent stealth only broken when attacking or casting, and given its low health, (only half of Timmy's) it is usually better to keep them hidden in order to maintain their benefits, and/or used to body soak lanes while Timmy engages in team fights or takes Camps. When Timmy dies, this ability can be cast to essentially provide you with a free use of Cruel Revenant, without any of its penalties, albeit with a slightly longer delay before Timmy gets reanimated with half health. The Cultist is immune to damage while reanimating Timmy, but not crowd control effects, and loses stealth until either it finishes channeling, or until it goes 7 seconds without being taking damage.

The level 20 version of this ability "The Damned Return" allows Timmy to reduce the Cultist's death timer with his base attacks, allows the Cultist to remain in stealth while attacking, and allows the cultist's attacks against heroes to reduce the cooldown on the free respawn that this ability can provide during death by 3 seconds.

Overall, Timmy would have a complex and diverse kit capable of overwhelming your opponent with brute force at high risk, or with a little patience and caution,
to wear them down gradually at little to no cost other than time. Timmy suffers from low movement speed, a lack of escape options, and crowd control, outside his ultimate. His health pool is relatively low, and he relies on self-sustain to survive. When he needs to that is.

Timmy can not mount, instead, he may ride on an allied hero's back or head and be carried by them, including while they are mounted. This can not be cast if Timmy took damage in the last 6 seconds.

When playing against Timmy, it may be wise during team fights to kill him last, since if he hasn't died recently, his damage is low, but becomes much more threatening after respawning. However, given his relatively low health, the experience rewarded for killing him during that time may be worth it, especially if they are bold enough to resurrect early.

And there you have it. The ghoul, Timmy the Cruel.

I have plenty of ideas for talents but have no idea on their distribution. Some of which I have already alluded to in his Hero Explanation, such as those that would improve his abilities.
Some talent ideas are:

Cannibalize [Active]
Mark an enemy hero or minion. The Mark remains until either Timmy or the marked enemy dies. If the marked enemy dies within a certain distance of Timmy, he shall scramble towards their location and feeds on their corpse, regenerating a percentage of his total health over 5 seconds. Minions restore 25%, heroes restore 100%. Nearby minion deaths reduce the cooldown by 2 seconds. Cooldown resets on respawn. 30 second cooldown.

Corpse Explosion [Passive]
Timmy explodes in a burst of bone and bile upon death, dealing moderate area damage to all nearby enemies. Deals double damage to non-heroic targets. The pieces of his corpse slowly gather back together where Timmy died if Timmy has chosen to respawn at his corpse.

Plague Cloud [Passive]
Timmy's decomposing body exudes a cloud of disease and toxic gasses, infused with the death magic of the Scourge. Deals minor damage to nearby enemy heroes. Deals double damage to enemy minions. The cloud remains at the location of Timmy's death, dealing reduced damage to all enemies who pass within it. After Timmy respawns, a cloud will be left behind for 5 seconds.

Will of the Scourge [^W]
Timmy gains Unstoppable for 6 seconds upon reaching enemies targeted with Thrash.

Frustration [^Q][^W]
Stuns, roots, and slows increase the duration of the basic attack effects of The Cruel Hand and Thrash.

Must Feed... [^E]
Ravenous Claws heals for an additional 50% of the initial heal over 10 seconds

[20]Daddy...? [^Trait]
Timmy's death timer is increased by 100%.

Upon taking fatal damage from heroic sources, Timmy falls apart, with his torso falling onto the ground. For 10 seconds Timmy's torso can crawl towards enemy heroes at 50% movement speed and basic attack them for 80% reduced damage, increasing the duration. Taking damage reduces the duration. During this time Timmy is considered dead, and will respawn at his torso when his death timer is up. Attacking heroes reduces death timer by 1 second.
06/27/2018 05:37 PMPosted by Damian
While the trait could be complicated i do rather like it to be honest and Timmy would be a good hero to add to WoW, he was a mini meme back in warcraft 3 if i recall or something and most knew the name of the child turned ghoul.

Ya Timmy has been a running joke in Warcraft for a long time, as well a subject of debate.

The issue arose when different developers working on different parts of Warcraft 3 decided to add multiple characters named "Timmy" confusing people as to whether Timmy lived or died. Couple that with there being Tim's and Timmy's in WoW that all look similar to the original in game model in wc3, on top of the boss in Stratholme that this character is based upon, and you have one big mess.

Because of the ambiguity surrounding the whole thing, I have provided some ambiguity in my idea for his backstory, suggesting that perhaps what the ghoul remembers was all implanted in him upon being raised from the dead, quite possibly by the Cultist that I have as a part of his second ultimate... we may never know.
I liked the idea but i think that trait is a little to complicated. I liked the Xp thing though. Nice Job ;)
06/28/2018 06:10 PMPosted by GoodDalek
I liked the idea but i think that trait is a little to complicated. I liked the Xp thing though. Nice Job ;)

Thank you. I put a lot of time, thought and effort into composing this concept.

Eh I just made it too wordy.

(While Alive)Timmy may choose whether to respawn at his corpse while alive.
(While Dead) Timmy can may respawn immediately, but will yield XP for 200% longer, and is worth 500% more XP. Timmy will die and yield the experience if he does no damage for 10 seconds during this time.
Passive: Timmy is not Worth XP except for 30 seconds after respawning. Gains Armor and increased damage towards non-heroic enemies during that time.

There we go. Seems simple, no? There are already heroes that have traits just as complicated. Lost Vikings for example.

The gist of it is even simpler. It's resource management. Only in this case the resources you manage are your battle effectiveness, which includes your own death timer and the amount of it time it takes to get back onto the battle field, and your experience yield or risk, with the two having an inverse relationship.

That being said, they could replace one of Timmy's basic abilities with one of the parts of his trait. But I personally don't think that is necessary. The reason I have him labeled "Very Hard" is the fact that he would be a complicated hero baseline.

A number of the seemingly complicated aspects of his trait are there just in order to keep it balanced.

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