Which Hero do you want in the Nexus?

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Duriel (the 2nd hardest boss of diablo 2)
Greed(the boss of the vaults in diablo 3)
A shapeshifting druid with either a moonkin/bear/cat form
A hero designed similarly to a vulture or hellion from starcraft would be kinda cool too.
Just some weird ideas. I mostly want Greed though, because who doesnt wanna spawn goblins all over (maybe with taunt) and kill people with falling treasure.
Mannoroth the Pit Lord from WOW... made a concept for him a year back
Imperius, Mephisto and Baal.

I wanna see and can't wait to see Mephisto and Baal reimagined in 2018 Hots graphics. Last time we saw them was in their sprite and pixel forms in Diablo 2.
Nat Pagle on april first
I would like queen Anduin Wrynn so i can play as a support and heal the critters on the battlefield. If Sylvanas would be on my team i will stay like a puppy near her all of the time, if not i will feed the enemy team just because my hero is a little wuss.

Joking aside: Tirion or Liadrin (yrel sucks)
Malygos,Mephisto,baal Al'akir,Imperius.Mostly those hopefully blizzards watch those threads
I want to see Hamuul Runetotem in the game. Druid tank possibly? or some kind of shapeshifting druidic character
It is upsetting that Blizzard has not catered at all to Diablo 1 and 2 fans, instead picking the worst they have, 3. No Baal, Mephisto, Auriel, Paladin, Amazon (ya, she feels D3 made, damn it), Sorceress, MALE Barbarian, Assassin.. These characters are totally !@#$ed over by Blizzard. Blizzard too busy jacking off in the corner to %^-*ing Warcraft 50% of the time. (thankfully Deckard is good), Tyrael needs his trait changed. And Diablo just feels so damn pathetic as the Lord of Terror with his own name Diablo.. He just runs around and !@#$% slaps people. It's pathetic. His fire stomp is good. But charging and moving someone are just pathetic moves for a ^-*!in dude with so much power. @#$% you Blizzard.
Many of the heroes I was waiting for are already in the Nexus.
Currently I'm waiting for:

  • Kyle "Blackthorne" Vlaros
  • Sir Anduin "The Lion of Azeroth" Lothar
  • Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore

Three badasses of my childhood.
My top 3 wanted heroes are:
07/25/2018 10:58 PMPosted by Offline65
My top 3 wanted heroes are:

Centaurs must be your thing huh!!!
I would like to play with Anduin Wrynn!!

07/09/2018 03:04 PMPosted by Dfive
Baine Bloodhoof!

Ah ahm... CAIRNE!!!
Varimathras, Cairne Bloodhoof and Vol'Jin.

All classicical wc3 heroes and very important and strong characters that we don't have any of their spells... "chain heal"
Gabrial Tosh from Starcraft 2
07/16/2018 11:20 AMPosted by Dshobz01
07/15/2018 08:57 AMPosted by Cammykins

Good heroic replacements for Darion would be to give him the Corrupted Ashbringer like Cho'Gall's Twllight Hammer, or give him the other Horseman as either adds(Raynor) or the charge ability, alike WoW:Legion(Deathlord)

I am honestly surprised I never thought of giving him the Corrupted Ashbringer and now I'm gonna. Thank you for the idea

You're welcome. The upgrade could be called Ashbringer's Legacy with the upgrade adding a Death Grip. Cool other ideas are him having a mount upgrade of a Deathcharger(Iydallus), and. his port being a Death Gate
I would prefer Talandar due to how we have no real purifier heroes and he is the most likely candidate, plus his interactions with Fenix would be interesting.
well i have all heroes i want but imperious,whitemane was a pretty nice surprise i didnt expected but now i love her
1. Aldaris.
2. Admiral DuGale.
3. Overmind (as replaced core).
Kyle Claros
Any Loa, Old God, Wild God, Celestial, Ancient por Titanic watcher

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