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07/24/2018 07:22 AMPosted by Warkevyn
07/22/2018 09:43 AMPosted by gh0st
I have ~3k QM mmr. If I try to play QM solo, both teams will have approx. 2.7k mmr average.

However, the way this average "mmr balancing" is achieved is by giving me far worse teammates than my opponents. So it's one ringer (me) and 4 omega potatoes (my teammates) vs 5 decent potatoes/Diamonds.

This means that I have to carry every single match. That limits what I can reasonably play in QM. Also, it means that if I'm ever doing something smart that is outside of the comprehension range of Gold leaguers, I get blamed and often reported. Didn't join the 4v5 fight invading their bruiser camp when our ults are down? I get blamed for not joining the fight. Yeah, no thanks.

So I've stopped playing QM. I only play 1 QM to warm up for HL.

It's Quick Match not Quality Match. Do yourself a favor and stop playing that game mode.

The only semblance of quality games in HotS is in HL, or in UR if you play as a 5 stack.

I have the same problem except my MMR fluctuates around 3500 in QM. It is absolutely hell to play without a friend. I regularly get put with 3 ~2000 players and one 2500 vs a team of 5 ~2500's.
Absolutely atrocious that playing better in this game rewards you with WORSE team mates rather than better ones.

Edit: to give an example, here is a random match preview from today, not my best or worst, but a pretty representative example, rounded to the nearest high number.

My Team: 3500 , 2700, 2100, 1700, 1550.
2nd Team: 2750, 2500, 2500, 2400, 1800

As you can see, 4/5ths of the enemy team is better than 3/5ths of my team by a large margin right off the bat.

Hotslogs is not nearly 100% accurate, but a 500 mmr difference is noticeable. And when 3/5ths of your team is on average worse by that margin, your games will not be enjoyable.

Absolutely this. What you say is completely accurate and the experience of me and all my high level friends who actually play QM/UR.

This is why we've got to play HL. Granted, especially this season, HL quality is fantastic. Been super happy about it.
07/21/2018 09:22 PMPosted by zeldsfan
First off.
I really like HotS, it's one of my favorite games and I dont want to see it dying.
And I dont want to be offensive or something. I just want to set things clear.

So, everytime I play a round QM, I get a bunch of actual retards as teammates.
The other team of course works like a unit.
So, how on earth did the devs manage to ruin something so hard?
Before this MM patch it was actual playable, teams were kinda good but not as bad as they are now. Yeah, being always 2 - 3 levels behind the enemy because someone goes into the enemy team like "YOLO" is so much fun the only thing thats even more fun is uninstalling.

Its just not funny and games anymore, this is outright frustrating.
So no wounder why people stop playing the game if the MM in every mode is just broken.

Blizzard needs to do something and it should be happening soon or the whole game is doomed.

What they should do is expand the weekly rotation hero pool so that brand new players can start the game out in Unranked Draft instead of Quick Match.

They should then follow that up by implementing the "minimum games played" distinction into URD the way they did with QM to prevent brand new players from being put into games with people with thousands of games played.

If they do those two things, that would put QM and URD on the same level for anyone joining the game as a new player, and when that happens QM will be played ONLY by people who like the mode rather than being forced on players as the default PvP mode until they've bought a few heroes.

The problem with QM is that it's not a good mode for a MoBA that is balanced around team compositions. It's too unreliable to ever get good matches out of it and that won't matter if they implement the 1 warrior 1 support in each game rule because that still won't balance the teams out when the Assassin role is so broad.

So the best thing they can do would be to stop forcing new players to play it, if people want to anyway then fine. But URD should be the default mode for players who want to play games with fairer comps in mind. QM should be available for the people that want to play a specific hero, but honestly that's all it should be for.

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