What's wrong with Whitemane's hip?

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Is this just a new sjw angle trying to get things modified/covered up?
Her tights are thicker than her hips. Well, it's not the desirable body type for a woman but people can live with it irl. Big deal.
07/30/2018 03:53 AMPosted by Frost

Hahaha, is this real?

it's time for you to go back
07/30/2018 04:37 AMPosted by Hexi
07/30/2018 04:26 AMPosted by Bax
I think they are just true to their vanilla designs :D

The original human female models didn't look like that at all.
Oh nooo it reaaaally diiiiid noooot:

how could your post get 5 likes is beyond my understanding :D
07/30/2018 10:36 AMPosted by Azula
Is this just a new sjw angle trying to get things modified/covered up?

Well, people thought I was having an issue with her not being covered up when I complained about her clothing, to be fair I'd rather have her naked than in those clothes they are atrociously ugly...her fashion sense is lacking.
Nothing. Just an angle bro.
07/30/2018 10:10 AMPosted by Sehripaniel
Community focusing on what's important as always.

i played money mobas just for the looks and skins in the first place.

but i agree she is jsut a fictional character.

and i agree also if her hips would be a little bit lower and wider she would look perfect. but she still is one of the best looking females atm. (till they update Jainas and Kerrigans model)

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