Poor neglected Vol'jin

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I would like to start off... I love this game and each of the characters is awesome. Thank you for your tireless efforts to bring our favorite characters to life.

That being said. Where is the Vol'jin love? First he plays a backdrop to Thrall for ages, then he finally gets some much needed recognition as Warchief, only to be killed off one xpac later. Not even a heroic self sacrificing death like Varian, no he gets cheap shotted in the back.
The slights continue... Right after Varian and Vol'jin met their untimely demise, Varian gets resurrected into the nexus with a big unveiling cinematic and all the hooplah a new character could hope for. How long is Vol'jin going to be sleeping with the LOA? I believe (as many do) that it is past time for him to step out of the shadows and get some much needed love.
Thank you.
this is so much true, i would love him in game, he is my favorite character and he was just kill off to make Sylvanas warchief which is my least favorie horde character right after Galywix
Vol'jin deserves better than he's getting.

And he deserves better than to be a Support, like the Shadow Hunter was in Wc3. They need to do with him what they did with Thrall.
He doesnt have a good chance compared to the Gnome(least likely), Undead(could be a DK instead of Undead), and Tauren( choices are Muln, Hamuul, a Bloodhoof or Highmountain). Trolls may be a lower chance than the other races to appear, but we would get him, Zul(depending on what he does in BFA) or anyone associated with trolls, with leaders like Lei Shen or loas, such as Hakkar.
I did a Vol'jin and Rokhan Hero Concepts on them!! Feel free to check it out in "Character Hero Creations Ideas" Thanks and tell me guys what you think?....
still no vol'jin tho :-(

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