Anasterian Sunstrider - skin for Kael'thas

Hero and Skin Suggestions
why: I'd like to see High Elf male in game and to get one is almost 0 chance. So I think this is best way to get one. Muradin has his father Magni skin so why not.

Idea: Would love if Kael'thas Sunstrider get his father's skin.
It would probably had to not be his WoW's appearance to look more similar to Kael'thas himself.
To have cloak with thick armor under it, heavy shoulders, maybe crown & it all stylized in blood/high elf style. With blue/white/gold coloring.
Blue eyes, white/gray hair, pale skin. Three (blue) mana balls.

changed/new voicelines:
"For the Quel'dorei!" (instead of "For the Sin'dorei!")

"Bash'a no falor talah!" = "Taste the chill of true death!" - when kill Arthas, Sylvanas (except *alive* & lunar skins), Leoric, Kel'Thuzad, Mathael, Xul and death knigh skins Sonya, Zagara
"Anu belore dela'na." = "The eternal sun guides us." - when sided with Sylvanas (*alive* & lunar skin), Valeera);
A = [He] - voice line => [Valeera] - "I'm humbled to fight by your side";
B [He] - voice line => [Sylvanas] - "Show them the strenght of Quel'Thalas"
"Ama noral'arkhana." = "Saved by magic." - when healed by someone
That actually sounds kinda cool. I would have no problem seeing a Anasterian skin for Keal'thus.
Thanks, I didn't expect someone to agree xD
Good idea.
I tried to do something by myself.. yet I'm not very good at it so.. it's not perfect - body/armor - shoulder - head/collar - how it could + - look like

If someone can draw he can tryy to do it better ':D
ok.. I tried my best. This is how he could look like (head was supposted to like more like Kael'thas) -colored by PC -drawn by hand

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