That WE buff....

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Okay, that buff might be a bit much, yes the initial damage might be slightly lower, but my god is that going to hurt on any target effected by frost bite.


WE = Water Elemental, sorry I didn't explain it better.
u wot
He is talking about Water Elemental buff. At least spell it out for the people rofl.
naice. i liked taking that ult vs bots anyway cos they always dodge the ring of frost xD
Finally it might be considered good again! (I hope)

I prefer that ult a ton more than ring of frost. Mostly it's a player issue, I'm just not great at landing it perfectly (without setup) and players tend to just move to the middle.

Water elemental is much nicer against backline heroes. I liked putting pressure on a chromie, or slowing down a genji (who can easily avoid skillshots).
Jaina is doing really well for quite a well (decent popularity and high win rate in master and pro play), and water elemental is commonly picked in pro play in recent patches ( I really don't understand why Blizzard's priority to buff water elemental, which may make her op. Besides, there are so many heroes performing way worse than Jaina.

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