The CDC Returns September 2018

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Greetings once again to all of our lovely character designers and fans of Blizzard. The fifth Concept Design Contest will be returning September 1st for anyone who wishes to put forth their concepts in a community judged contest to determine who has the best design, with constant feedback and some extra spotlight for the winner. If this is your first time seeing this contest, here is some information for you:

The idea for this contest is that anyone who wants to would sign up, and on the start of September, a thread would be posted with all the relevant information. Each contest will have a theme to it, and everybody that signs up is expected to make a brand new concept based on that theme. Anyone who creates a concept will have a week to finish their base concept and submit it to the forums with a link to the contest thread. This will start the contest. The contest will have three judges, who will each take one week to look over the designs, commenting and helping out with the design. The week breakdown will go as follows:

Saturday, September 1
This is when the concept will be posted, and anyone can sign up for the contest! The judges will also be sorted out on this day. Judges are not able to make concepts themselves.

Week One
Sunday, September 2 - Saturday, September 8
This week is for the base concept. This is simply the abilities and the role. A judge will comment on the Sunday that follows.

Week Two
Monday, September 10 - Saturday, September 15
This week is for the talents. This means a fully fleshed out talent tree set up with the tiers in order. A judge will comment on the Sunday that follows.

Week Three
Monday, September 17 - Saturday, September 22
This week is for the finishing touches. This includes fluff, stats, additional notes, skins, and whatever else you want to add. A judge will comment on the Sunday that follows.

Week Four
Monday, September 24 - Saturday, September 29
This week is the last week for changes to the concept. All major work should be finished by this week, and major changes are risky. The judges will keep a close eye on the concepts, coming to their own opinions.

Sunday, September 30 - Tuesday, October 2
All changes are closed. The judges will gather to determine who is the ultimate winner of the contest, announcing the winner sometime on Tuesday.
In order to get this contest running, I am going to need participants. This thread is to gather community interest, and look for another two judges. Both of the other judge spots are open. If you would like to judge, leave a comment below.


Given my judging for the previous, I'm here to participate, this time, unless you only get one other judge, in which case I wouldn't mind judging again.

Can't wait to see what theme it'll be this time around...
I'm up for either being a judge or a contestant doesn't matter much to me.
I would also like to participate, either as a contestant or as a judge.

However, I'm not completely certain that I'd have the time necesary for judging, so in any case place me as a "reserve" judge, in case you don't have enough when the thing starts (much like WhoYouExpect).
I’d be willing to join agaim I haven’t been as active on these forums as I’d want to with life and Smash bros speculation taking up my time.
Shame theres no Waluigi i think its Gumbino who or LevelUp on youtube who put him into there own video of smash bros, kind of pissed they went for another hero from Fire Emblem and not a villain this time around.
I'm grateful for those that have joined so far. The contest starts in just a few days, and we're still looking for contestants.
I just confirmed I'll have the time to participate (maybe even judge if needed, but I'm not very confident I'd be good at it), so count me in!

Excited to see what the topic is this time!
i will make a hero concept
I would like to make concept too.
I sent you a friend request on Deefe. Once you accept it, I'll try sending you the link to the discord. Alternatively, Efeede can provide you with the link. There we will discuss the specifics of judging.
Could you guys do my a favor? I have made a Tassadar rework recently and I could really use some feedback on it. So please leave some comments with your opinion.
I'll try again, hopefully this time the core concept will be on something I have some experience with.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the June 2018 CDC the 5th one? I thought this would be the 6th...
Alright, I will give it a shot.
I'll participate. (Said so in the wrong thread...)
I would also like to participate if that is possible even if i am a day late as I have an entire word doc of hero concepts.
09/02/2018 12:07 PMPosted by Azihayya
I'll participate. (Said so in the wrong thread...)

09/02/2018 03:37 PMPosted by ScapeDragion
I would also like to participate if that is possible even if i am a day late as I have an entire word doc of hero concepts.

09/01/2018 03:33 PMPosted by RatherDashin
Alright, I will give it a shot.

The contest thread can be found here:

You have until Saturday to get a submission in. Good luck everyone!
i dont want to do it anymore i dont play diablo

sorry good luck to the rest

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