Hots dead or bug with time queue?

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Estimated wait time 300 sec (which is not super fast already but ok)
Real time: like 2500-3000 sec!

Who hold the world record?
Leaning towards dead, but not completely.

Maybe it's the bacteria keeping life around the carcass.
Queues have also increased drastically here in Europe. I'm used to 10-30 secs, now it's 180-230 for a mere QM.

But it wouldn't surprise me, I know many former players who just stopped due the bad and unfair matchmaking in every mode.
I would say it's probably cause ppl going to play WoW:BFA
If it's going to be the same in 5-6 month (or worse) than it's due to the players are slowly but surely abandoning the game.

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