Should there be Mei (from Overwatch) after Mephisto?

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Before everything: i don't know why the hell everyone thinks that Mei should not be in the Nexus as a hero. They all think that she is the same as Jaina. They only have one similar ability. While the rest are not (not including talent abilities):
(Different abilities):
-a circle that deals damage 3 times and slows
-a wave that damages and slows
-a water elemental that deals damage to enemies
-a stasis that blocks damages and heals
-a wall that blocks nearly everything
-basic attacks pierce the units and freeze enemies

And every forum i read about Mei, was full of dislikes. I don't get it. Why you hate Mei that much? I think that Mei is really a good hero for the game. And can be really different from Jaina.

Now comment your ideas about this.
I don't think Mei would be worth adding to Heroes.

For Ice heroes there's already Jaina and Arthas.

Mechanically in Overwatch her kit is:

- Gun that snipes . Basic AA or a freeze which slows until it stuns, probably would have to work like amzo's laser just more powerful from level 1 with the extra levels of CC and blue.
- Ice block that heals. Numerous heroes have equivalents of that already, but those blocks don't heal making her baseline more power than a lot of existing quests.
- Ice wall - Tassadars ultimate, except baseline.

Her Ultimate is a slower Jaina ultimate.

Just with her basic abilities she would be hideously broken and overpowered.

Also, adding probably the most hated hero (from a gameplay perspective) into Heroes would do much to change the current perspective of Overwatch heroes being no fun.
In Overwatch her nicknames are "Satan" and "Cancer" and while she has a wonderful personality outside of cutscenes and emotes the majority of the time she's just a pain for both sides. The 3d aspect gives her functionality which heroes can't. She won't be able to iceblock on top of someone but her iceblock won't screw up your skill shots as opposed to giving the enemy free cover for a bit.
The wall will still probably screw up every skillshot, and divide your team for easy picking as often as theirs.

A Mei announcer would be cute. But without the 3rd dimension adding ways of playing around her , she'd be the worst possible addition to Heroes.
If we get another OW hero, honestly I'd prefer Reaper. Not to mention Mei's obsession for CC would be a nightmare.
If for some ungodly reason they do add her, it will probably be after/based on a rework for her in OW. She's incredibly powerful in the right hands in the same way Medivh and Murky are, which means shes incredibly niche and usually terrible unless your a god with her. Also, there's a very good reason everyone refers to her as Satan. We aren't going to be getting her for a while if we're getting her at all.

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