The SC main tanks we want.

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General Duke would be a good tank.
08/29/2018 03:19 PMPosted by phaseshifter
General Duke would be a good tank.

One of my few disappointments with HotS is than they choose a random siege tank pilot instead the ol Edmun Duke, their ult's could be better, something with the Norad.
Zerg heroes in general need some love. I want a Zerg that can use all mounts so I can put them on a rainbow unicorn.

Also, none of the Starcraft Warriors are really main tanks. Blaze is more of a bruiser/off-tank at best.

08/29/2018 11:19 AMPosted by Vindicare
I have the Immortal concept in my mind as an anti-burst damage Tank with a short ranged AA similar to Blaze or Rexxar.

He'd be vulnerable to poke and sustained damage but would thrive vs Mages and other burst focused assassins. What hangs me up on the concept is what his engage and peel tools would look like since Immortals aren't exactly known for being nimble in SC gameplay.

Peel would be a knockback shot, think muradins storm hammer as a big blue energy ball with big knockback instead of stun

first thought for engage would be a phase teleport, but that's on Fenix and cut and pasting isn't optimal. So instead a phase prism for his mount. moves a bit faster than standard mount, cant be dismounted, and can go over terrain, but cant change direction (though you can drop out if its over viable ground). Think of it like a medivac but slower movespeed, no cooldown, select a destination and go there at mount speed+, has standard mount casting (and is interruptible by damage). Unlike a regular mount you cant change directions without hoping out and rechanneling for a new destination, good for getting in, less so for getting out. Maybe let it have its own lowish hp pool, so if its destroyed you get dropped out of it and it goes on a longish cooldown.
08/28/2018 08:09 PMPosted by gishki
The number of heroes from SC in HotS is pretty good, however there is only 1 main tank from all of them and since one of the major charms of SC is the 3 races, i think we need atleast 1 main tank of each race, so i asking to the community for their ideas of zerg and protoss main tank/s.
I personally want to see Talandar as a powerful tank than excels is short fights rather than long fights with an energy mecanic.
Also i think than Inmortal(after all, he is called lnmortal for a reason) be a very interesting tank with a shield mecanic based in the number of hits rather than dmg, just like the chests or Anu'barak's ult.
And for zerg, i want to see a weird tank idea with Torrasque and a Cerebrate, something like Abatur fused with Rexxar and a mini Zurvan be cool to.

I think you're totally on the right track with Talandar, but i'm pretty sure he would just be "the immortal" hero, somewhat like Artanis is the "zealot" hero.

Definitely would love to see him in the Nexus.

Zerg is a little tougher. I think Dehaka was a great addition, and Zagara works very well, but zerg heroes are super unrelatable and almost more plot device than anything else. Butcher/Anubalisk skins kind of horned in on any Ultralisk possibility. Stukov might be the last one we see for a long time.

I could maybe see Swan or his Protoss counter-part in a warrior role, but probably not tank; more like some kind of specialist or support bruiser, like some sort of Zarya-Gazlowe hybrid.
08/29/2018 12:46 AMPosted by Andminus
Dahaka is a great tank for Zerg, as he has CC with his tongue, and while his "base" health isn't overwhelming, he essentially has up to 3 health bars worth of health from his Trait. (I know he's a Primal Zerg, but for all intents and purposes, he's part of the Zerg Swarm)

Protoss is however lacking a real tank type, Artanis has the CC from swapping with enemies, to blinding them with one of his ults, but his shields don't quite cover enough, so he's delegated to a bruiser. and Fenix has a similar issue, his shield can't be healed by a healer, but can be rapidly recovered out of combat; so half his total "health" recovers while in a safe spot.

What they do have are Immortals, Taldarin was the first protoss warrior to be put into a Dragoon, and returns as a purifer AI to aid Talandar in Co-op; that brings up Talandar, if they were to have a tank, he could fit the bill, as in his Praetor Armor form, he was one of the tankier hero units in co-op; would also make for some fun banter between Talandar and Fenix:D
talandar is coming for sure
The Marauder could be a main tank or maybe bruiser, kind of blaze, but with range, I think it can be awesome. Also, we cna have the hibrid to be part of kind of zergs as tanky, general Campo Guerra can be too, Mengsk pr Valerian can be something kind of tank or brusers, I don´t know, but people want them in the game. Also Mira Han, the´re rumors been a doble heroe like Cho Gall

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