Dear god blizzard, please don't kill the huntress!

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There's little doubt anymore that most, if not all, of the HotS devs do not play their own game. So many nonsensical reworks that only look at numbers and stats instead of actual gameplay data. They have no clue how to stay faithful to the characters because they don't PLAY the characters.
08/26/2018 09:34 AMPosted by Volun
Blizzard just flipping it the other way now is inevitably going to piss off the people who liked her damage.
Absolutely false. My problem is that they're also nerfing her trait, nerfing her spell armor, nerfing her shrink by making it single target, nerfing her trueshot aura, removing her scaling quests which was it's own sort of utility.

If there is any legitimacy to the claim that they're turning her into a healbot there it is. The problem is that they're nuking her utility.

If I want spell armor now I'll choose Bw. If I want Vuln I'll pick Cain. If I want shrink I'll pick Ana or Alex or any of the many other healers with better shrinks.
Oh, and now if I need any of those things but my team stupidly drafted the healer too early I'm SOL.
The fact that they're turning her into a healer is not a problem, the problem is that they're turning her into a mediocre healer with no niche.
Instead of taking your flex slot she now has to directly compete with better healers, which means the only time she will get picked will be by people who love the fantasy of tyrande, which doesn't exist because making tyrande a healer isn't faithful to her lore.
A year ago before that disastrous rework that changed tyrande into a 1-trick AA skirmisher she had multiple viable builds and could be played as a solo support or secondary support IN PRO LEVELS and had decent winrates at most levels.

Then after rework we see almost no play in HGC, and she becomes a pubstomper.

This rework might be trying to go back to those roots but I doubt anything real will come with it.

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