Plz add reaper

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Reaper.overwatch. nuff said.
Valla. Done. 'Nuff said.
Reaper has quite a lot of potential as his own hero. While his ultimate is very similar in nature to Valla's, the remainder of his abilities could make for an interesting tankbuster character.

While this concept is quite outdated and could really use an update, here is my old take on it:
Kerrigan's shield talent, tassadar's E, valla's ult, and fenix's blink?
Well I'd make fun of them relentlessly for lazily remixing their own heroes if they put him in
Trait: The Reaping: Reaper heals for half the damage he deals Might make his basic attacks do percentage based damage, since he's basically THE tank counter in OW, but that might make him to similar to Maltheal.
Q: Hellfire Shotguns: Deal damage in a cone in front of you. Enemies hit by the blast take more damage when they are closer to Reaper.
W: Wraith Form: Basically Tassadar's Dimensional shift, but without the stealth.
E: From the Shadows: It would pretty much be Fenix's warp, but with an Animation change. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
R1: Death Blossom: Similar to Valla's Strafe, but you have to stand still, with the trade off being that it benefits from the Reaping.
R2: Shadow Step: Teleports directly behind the target, dealing damage and applying a short stun. Has 2-3 charges.

I guess mechanically, he'd basically be a ranged Maltheal, but there ARE times where that would be useful. Reaper could be used more for chasing down mobile targets without having much mobility himself (his wraith form/from the shadows would have fairly long cooldowns), while Maltheal would be the one used against high health targets.

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