If you won the lottery...

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And took home $50 million (after taxes and everything), how much money would you be willing to pay Blizzard to be in charge of:

A) Designing a Hero

B) Designing a Map

C) Reworking Hero

Edit: some people don't understand a for funzies post...
If I won the lottery, that would be the least of my worries :)
Zero dollars. I wouldn't be interested in paying to work for any company.
Money you didn't work for is bound to bring you misery, so I wouldn't do anything hots related with it.
In most kickstarters that stuff goes for about $5000-$10,000

I would design another zerg hero because I feel like zerg needs some more love.
D) Pay off my college loans and start my own video game company instead to make the MMORPG I wish existed.
I would spend the money on me and my family and pass down the remainder to my children for their children or invest it.

You know, like a good morale person.
I would never work for Blizzard, nor buy any services.
The only thing I'd possibly do if I had the opportunity is to buy all the shares of Activision Blizzard and reform all of it starting with the name. Would hire competent people outside of Blizzard circle to manage the games, and the HotS team would be totally rebuild from scratch.
This game is one of their sources of income, and one big flow wouldn't change much.
But I would happily continue my college in pursuit for something more than money, since that wouldn't be a problem anymore
Lame, you guys aren't even playing the game.

I would pick B.) Designing a map and I would pay 500k to do so. Theres so much left to be done and you could create alot more depth.
D.) Become a shareholder.
I'd rather just have them delete about 1/3 of the roster or roll the game back to September 2015.
08/26/2018 12:52 PMPosted by Digitality
Zero dollars. I wouldn't be interested in paying to work for any company.
Taxes on lotto winnings? What third world bs is that.
I wouldn't play vidya anymore.
Design a hero for sure. I'd go with something that probably isn't on their radar, like Gharbad the Weak or a Protoss Colossus.
I wouldn't even bother with this trash game.

Diversification of mutual funds, investments and high value property seems like significantly better alternatives to me.

However, if I was given explicit control to change anything I wanted in this game without repercussion or blowback, I'd remove this game from E-Sports and overall sponsorship, disable parties for quickmatch and enable Beta-level quality game play.
08/26/2018 01:35 PMPosted by ScaryCrow
Taxes on lotto winnings? What third world bs is that.

08/26/2018 12:25 PMPosted by aRipeTomato
A) Designing a Hero

I'll pay 1M Dollars to take this spot ...

And I'll bring Tichondrius , Baal , Archimonde , or nearly the entire demon roster into HOTS
Personally I'd pay about 50k-80k for designing a hero

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