[Skin Suggestion] WoW TBC Cinematic Blood Elf Whitemane

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Someone may have thought of this already.

You know the WoW The Burning Crusade cinematic trailer? The Blood Elf look on that cinematic can fit her really well.

Minus the resurrect ability.

Could be called Burning Crusader Whitemane or something better.
Considering Blood Elves now have golden eyes this matches even more now, im guessing we'll have a High Elf variant as well for it with colours matching? maybe a Felblood Elf with legion coloured clothing (also from TBC).
It's really great idea, yet I'm little worried that it would mean no more other Blood/High Elf heroes like Vereesa, Alleria, Liadrin. Hmm, seems I'm out of good known female characters.. only male remains

It would be really nice to see her. She really looks similar to Whitemane.

I have to admit that I'd rather see my second skin for Vereesa wich I'd love to have in game, but your is more likely to happen :D https://ibb.co/g1bSrU

So I hope they will do it :)


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