Hanamura Payload Stuck at End

PTR Bug Report
I was playing an AI-match on the New Hanamura map, the enemy team pushed the payload all the way to the end and as it got to the end, the payload was rapidly contested and reclaimed, and the payload seemed like it was pushed past the goal. The payload got stuck at the end of the track, unable to fire.

In addition to this bug, the enemy team of AI all stood on this broken payload, making a push to the end very, very easy.
Hell JJ!

We would love to get a hold of a replay in which this issue occurred. Along with showing us the other factors at play in a match (which could be influencing the issue), a replay contains vital information under it's surface that we can analyze.

If you could review our Bug Attachment Guidelines and send a copy of that to Heroesbugattachments@blizzard.com, it would be very appreciated.

Happened in three of my matches.

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