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PTR Bug Report
Heroes of the Storm PTR has always had this issue for me. I have gone through all the steps support can give me, browsed the forums for solutions for the mismatch, followed all the steps I could possibly find to fix this issue but nothing has worked. Every time I try to play the PTR it is rare if I ever do get to play due to this issue.
Figured out the problem after trying to fix this issue for over three hours. The PTR is currently closed. The only way I know this is the support agent told me after trying to run the PTR themselves and contacting the higher ups. How come the Devs won't let us know when the PTR is down? On top of that how come the message you get when the PTR is down is Version Mismatch? There is a problem here that NEEDS to be fixed. Please Change the message to unavailable to people know that the PTR is not going to function but not at the fault of the consumer.
Hi there Nurzule

Each PTR comes with Patch notes and a Blog Post. As a rule, I would keep an eye out for those; to keep you up to date with detailed info:

Example: "Our next Heroes of the Storm patch has just hit the Public Test Realm and will be available for playtesting until September 3. "

I'm sorry to hear about any confusion experienced, and thanks for coming out to test!

- Zobrek

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