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So I've been playing Whitemane a bit recently and I get that she is supposed to be a difficult character, but I just can't seem to get good use out of her. To me she seems like a Lucio (low but constant AOE healing) without the mobility, without his amp it up "burst" healing, without the knock back, and without out of combat healing, and requiring a lot more work. Yet, at least according to Hotslogs, she has a high popularity and win rate.

What is it I'm not getting, she just doesn't seem to have quite enough of anything. Her Q is her easiest heal but even at full zeal with the level 1 talent it heals for little more than a single auto attack worth of damage. Her W is nice if you have zeal on your whole team for aoe healing, but each hit is little more than a tickle and doesn't seem to have much effect for anybody actively taking hits. I know that combining her E then W is some burst but even the full effect of that hitting with both E hits and full duration W is only roughly as much healing as 2 Q's, which as I said before isn't very impressive, and dodging the second E hit is pretty easy. Combine that with constantly self rooting with W, and her spell ranges begin short enough that she is an easy CC target, I keep thinking I have to be missing something.

Can anybody tell me how Whitemane is supposed to be used because I like her concept a lot, but I just cant seem to get her to work.
She heals a sh*t ton. Spam that Q, and use your dmg abilities when you have a good opening and she gets big numbers.

Her main issue is the complete lack of PvE dmg. She cannot clear minions at all. But you don't need that when you have so much healing. Let someone else do it.
I tend to use her with a combination of the "Clemency" (lvl1) and "High Inquisition" (lvl4) talents. That way I maintain a high level of mana and I can heal without being dependant on dealing damages.
Also, since I cast Inquistion on allies instead of ennemies most of the time (I'm not a passive healer tho and I don't mind getting my hands dirty), I can stay in the backline. You said it yourself, her range is quite miserable and/or too risky sometimes.

Also, with the "Radiance" (lvl16) talent, you can produce burst heal as soon as you reach 3 stacks. Stacks you'll purge by using Inqusition on a teammate.
All of this, combined with her Scarlet Aegis ultimate, can give your team (Whitemane included) a good amount of heals.
I think Whitemane's healing power depends on her talents. I don't see her being viable in the fight like a Lùcio, mostly because she has no way to save herself.

Anyway, that's my view on the hero but again that's really personnal. So far it worked (and it worked well), so I have no reason to not trust my way of using her.
Support your buddies from the backline, do not be afraid of stacking Desesperation since you can clean it with a talent and use your skills in an offensive way only if you have an opportunity.

I guess it's possible to use her in a much more aggressive way, but I prefer to let the violent part to people that love it.
Without dmging the enemies you won't heal much. You need to constantly deal dmg and keep up Zeal on as many allies as possible.
You can also talent into a pretty nice root what Lúcio doesn't have.
Remember you can apply your Q up to three times on a single target to improve the amount of healing they receive from your attacks.

I often find using 2 Q’s on a single target with the mana cost reduction talent is a nice way to keep someone alive as well. You really have to manage your Q’s and mana and try to get the most out of your dps skills.
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She heals a sh*t ton. Spam that Q, and use your dmg abilities when you have a good opening and she gets big numbers.

Her main issue is the complete lack of PvE dmg. She cannot clear minions at all. But you don't need that when you have so much healing. Let someone else do it.

I would like to argue that it is not nearly as simple as this but it is essentially the gist of it.

The general tips are fairly straight forward. Pay attention to who has/hasn't have zeal. Also know, Zeal is a 8 second buff. You can go double Q, wait 4 seconds, double Q and immediately W and get some nice aoe healing for 4ish seconds. But then understand that whoever got the zeal first will be the first ones going down.
Manage Desperation stacks. You can snap cast two Qs and leave the third in reserve for only the most critical of opportunities. Her mana management is key for long fights. Try to always be dealing damage in some form. In fact you can just throw everything you have at the opposing tank sometimes to ensure you are getting that juicy healing and your W can easily secure a kill in some situations. Try to always AA if you have Zeal up. If not, stay away. Make sure E is on cd even when you get the root talent. E, if it hits a few heroes, is some nice damage and healing and the cd on E is short enough that even if you spam it, it should be up on your next window to W and get the root.

If you go Q spec, which I haven't had an opportunity since the changes to get a feel for them, you almost NEVER go to your third stack of Desperation unless you absolutely have to. Even go so far to determine if the heal is guaranteed to give them the chance to stay alive. That is mana you can spend elsewhere and every time you reset your stack of 3 desperation, you chop off entire portions of mana longevity. Once you hit 16 you just spread your healing around. Q,Q wait a bit, Q,Q, use W, Q,Q, use an E, big damage for everyone, Q,Q,Q then wait unless you need another burst.

You can easily get away with a precast Scarlet Aegis just to get zeal on everyone right now then move into using W and E and saving Qs for targets that are hurting badly.

Divine Reckoning prefers setup but you can Q a warrior, let him eat a ton of damage, bait the enemy team in, and drop the Reckoning while ensuring Zeal is on him.

W Spec is a bit more tricky as the output isn't nearly as safe. It also requires careful management of your Desperation in relation to your Clemency/W cd. The ability to go triple Q, W/Clemency, triple Q is really high output and is also really fast.

The root talent at 13 is pretty easy to land really, E then W, the range and cast animations are pretty in line that you don't need legendary timing to nail it, just slap them both together and it's pretty good.

Understand that your entire 20 Tier is godlike. Each one is just so juicy. Diablo stun giving you fits, Upgrade on Scarlet so you can laugh at the stun. Tank that needs killing and another healing cd? Time to start Purging the Wicked. Got a melee assassin that is getting away with jumping into your back-line and threatening dps? Subjugation is a no-brainer.

Think that is about it. Feel free to ask questions.

Edit: Cuz I dumb
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Also know, Zeal is a 6 second buff.
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08/28/2018 10:32 AMPosted by Ihitmadhard
Also know, Zeal is a 6 second buff.


Man that stings. I actually consider myself a Whitemane Main also.
For me, Whitemane only shines when my teammates know I'll need them to team fight. Casting Desperate Plea when I have no Desperation is a super cheap way to keep Zeal on one or two teammates, healing them every time I do damage.

Inspired by TigerJK's build, I've been having too much fun with this:

1 - Pity the Frail (bigger healing)
4 - High Inquisitor
7 - Fanatical Power
10 - Divine Reckoning
13 - Self-Righteous (keeps me in team fights)
16 - Shared Punishment
20 - Judgement Day (more damage and healing to teammates)
or Subjection (can de-fang two high damage heroes; only 14 sec CD)

Here are the broad strokes:
With this build, as I roll into a big team fight, I cast Desperate Plea to get Zeal on as many teammates as I can, I pop Fanatical Power for +50% Spell Power, and then cast Divine Reckoning where the enemy team is bunched up. The healing my team gets from this combo is stoopid, and it only gets even better if the enemy team has extra heroes like Misha, TLV, or Samuro's illusions in the mix. Synergetic CC abilities like Apocalypse, Slowing Sands, Skeletal Mages, and/or Graviton Surge help wipe the enemy team, who usually doesn't know what the hell just hit them.

I can't tell if I like Judgement Day or Subjection more at level 20. Shrinking two enemy heroes, slowing them, and reducing their damage by 75% for up to 3 seconds just feels so good. (Subjection makes baby Butcher cry.)

Like I said, those are broad strokes. I do change up talents based on the enemy team's composition; YMMV.
Thanks for the tips everyone. I mained a Disc pries in WOW for years so I really like the aggressive caster/healer play style. I just need to play more with her to get a better feeling for how to use her.

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