The big WAR come into Nexus dear players!!

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Orc Team :
Garrosh (tank)
Rexxar (tank)
Gul`Dan (mage)
Thrall (mele/range)
Rehgar (healer)

Human Team :
Varian (tank)
Muradin (tank)
Jaina (mage)
Greyman (mele/range)
Uther (healer)

Make a custom fight blizz,where ppl can lock only this Heroes (Orcs vs Humans) Aliance vs Horde also the map use for this should be A.V
In the end of each weak post the win/lose rate (progress of the war) and in the end of each season the winer faction in this WAR
Also u can add some kind of rank system too base on the win/lose rate,caporal-sergent etc till top of the rank (Grand Marshall) or someting like that.
To avoid players play same class same thing over and over,in some point u can implement more futute things,Orcs vs Humans into Aliance vs Horde where players in Aliance team can pick any Aliance heroes and same with the Horde team.
I bet this kind of competition will go viral and get more WoW players into Nexus

Sry for my english skills,and if u like the ideea promote this post!!
I've done matches like this soliciting general chat.

5 orcs
5 alliance
5 protoss
5 zerg
5 terrans

Can't get 5 angels or 5 demons yet.

Can do a Nephalem team though.
Thrall would never take side with Guldan!
Thrall joins the Alliance against Guldan's Horde!
Do Samuro instead of Rexxar. Rexx is useless and not an orc.
08/28/2018 01:57 PMPosted by Tauri
Thrall would never take side with Guldan!
Thrall joins the Alliance against Guldan's Horde!

Swap him out for Samuro, that's what I do for the same reason.
I agree with this sentiment, also I feel that Blizzard should go even further and include a race war event where they pit 5 white heroes vs. 5 African-American heroes once Blizzard gets rid of their white nationalism and start showing true diversity with more African-American heroes.
Keep that dumb war against good writing out of the nexus. And I don't mean your writing. I mean Blizzard's
I'm just one short on each side of making a Third War Alliance vs. Third War Horde.

Jaina, Uther, Muradin, and Crown Prince Arthas
Thrall, Samuro, Gazlowe, and Rexxar

Give us Garithos and Grommash!
This would be cool for a brawl. I would play that

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