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What hero do you need large amounts of practice with and even with practice your still quite bad with em. Mine are kel thuzad and chromie.
Some games end before i even finish the baseline (trait) quest xD and KT i do so little dmg one game i got aroubd 10k in hero dmg... Thats was practice against bots...

Is there any heroes you get stuck with the learning curve on?
Zeratul. I'm pretty sure a brain dead monkey missing both of his arms could play him better than me.
Uther. I have no idea why, but he just doesn't click with me. I love playing front line melee and I enjoy playing supports, so I would have thought he would be perfect for me.

Rexxar. I just can't do it.
Anything that's melee :(
Dps honestly. Im bad at that in this game.
Sonya. When I play her she feels like she's made of paper.

Auriel. There is something weird about her E that makes it feel impossible to land
At the top of my head, I could think of:
Stukov, can't get down his rooting combo.
Junkrat, I struggle when to use his explosive trap.
Ktz, his chain combo needs more practice for me.
Dehaka. I always z in at the wrong times, and never use the bushes correctly for the speed.
Valeera. The enemy team can always see me coming.
Illidan. 30% winrate and constant fear of engaging enemies because when I do, the heroes I'm supposed to counter eat me alive.
Medivh. Portals, portals, portals....
Thrall. I know he should be good and not *that* hard, but when I play him he's worth less than a minion.
When I first played Kael'thas, I was down right horrible. I gave up.

I watched one youtube video and now I have almost a 60% winrate.. xD
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Sonya. When I play her she feels like she's made of paper.
right? then when others play her she's an unkillable god.
I really wanna be an Alarak player too, he's so cool.
Tanks. All tanks. Never ask me to tank. Oh, I'll do it if I'm last pick and everyone else has picked a mage... Just don't expect me to save your skinny a##.

A poem to bad tanks everywhere:

(clearing throat ahem, ahem)

I say the truth,
I will not lie!
But say with a sigh;
I cannot play tank,
As hard as I try,
I initiate, and then I die.
Then I die, then I die.
The Butcher
SGT. Hammer

The one that hurts the most is Hammer, because she’s in the meta. I’ve never not been able to play a meta hero until this season :/
Kerrigan. I personally really like her kit (outside of her heroics and limited talent trees) but Q resets and landing a nice W>E combo always feels so satisfying.

However that's rare occasions. Normally I'm just on a feeding frenzy every time I pick Kerrigan.

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