how could VEREESA WINDRUNNER look like

Hero and Skin Suggestions
(I'm bored so I'm creating horrible things)

intro: I love elves.. Blood, High, Nigh.. I already shared my idea about
Anasterian Sunstrider skin for Kael'thas. But now I was thinking about How can we have all three Windrunner sisters. They are all high elf with bow and arrows. Yet at least Alleria is someone that I think deserves to be her own hero instead of just skin. Yet now Alleria would be great skin for Sylvanas because of void (consuming minions and so on) This is why I created how Vereesa Windrunner could look like to be different from Sylvanas.

I tried to do something like her book appearance based on her ingame model (front & back)
Base skin (colors) & & &

Epic skin (colors) & & &

at each is written why I did it like I did..

also I thought that tabard would not be best to recolor.. but I tried
Noone will probably care (mainly Blizz) but my hope is that rather to not have "epic skin" than have it as skin for Sylvanas

I beleieve she would be great markship hunter.

Also I'll try to do Alleria.. even that her WoW model is great...
This is nice work. I hope you will have more luck to more LIKES.
rly Good Work.

I like the Seconds Skins from Booth.

I play Sylvanas lot of time.

AND YEAH She need more Skins. :)

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