Game will give its own move-orders

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Bug starts at 8:00, in the replay link.

I was playing a game as Falstad, had one of the standard 7 to 8 minute game hiccups and briefly disconnected, what ended up happening was that my game kept ordering movement pings of its own right about center fort. This persisted when the fort died, when I died, and only stopped when I channeled Flight or hearth.

I had to fight the game for ability to play my own hero. I could barely stutter step, I repeatedly turned around during chase, and dodging skillshots became more about position on the map rather than teamfight. I lost the game because of this, and even if I closed the game and attempted to reconnect, the reconnect system would guarantee that I never joined and my team was stuck with AI, albeit at least the "smart" Falstad AI.

I like this game, I just prefer fighting the opponent players over the engine.
I got the same issue but with Junk rat.
same bug with blaze, auto move command forcing my hero to move to a point
Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the reports!

If possible, could anyone encountering this issue please send in the following to our Heroes Bug Attachment Inbox:
  • DXDiag
  • The replay with time stamp of where you experience the issue.

Thank you,

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