QM team comps you hate

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Can be allied or opponent.

Personally, I freaking hate facing Morales+Zarya. If there’s a hammer too then the match is just bull$h!t. Unless you can 100-0 them, you’re hosed.
Opponent: Abathur - Illidan - Hammer
Whatever your team is, you know you will lose almost everytime. Just add Morales for more "fun".
Another fun comp I’m sure we’ve all had with or against us: Chen as solo warrior. He really shouldn’t be matched against tanks; it even says in his description on the hero selection screen that he’s a bruiser.
Playing as:
-Tyrael or Xul without a tank
-Melee assassin, support, or specialist with 4 ranged teammates
-5 assassin or 4 assassin+1 specialist vs similar

Playing against:
-Genji, Tracer
-KT (in QM, living bomb is a 1-button IWIN button...)
-Morales + 2nd healer or shieldbot
-Medivh + Varian/Genji
-Butch/Thrall/Illidan/Genji with no stun on the team
-Cho'gall + Auriel/Morales/Whitemane ("Kill the one in the dress!")
-a good Aba or Medivh + any of the above combos
-Sgt. Hammer on enemy team
-Allied Varian who doesn't pick taunt when we already have 3 dps
-Allied Abathur who goes Locust build as our only "healer", while enemy has Zarya or Tyrande
Hammer on their team
Illidan + aba
Illidan + tracer/kerrigan + genji

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