Talent Synergy bug, infinite shields !

PTR Bug Report
There's a bug when you take the lvl 4 shield Talent for W and the Autoattack CD reduction Talent on Lvl 1.

You get close to two tagets; use W and keep autohitting.
The shield you get persists for 7 seconds.
But it's up fast, even so fast, you generate another shield, and another ...
20k Shield is no problem tihs way as long as you keep attacking 2 targets (lvl 1) and get shields by hits from W (lvl 4)
Sounds a bit like how Maiev auto-wins 1v2 if the enemies stand next to each other and let her spam.
The part of this that seems like a real bug is that doing another Lightning Nova before the shields have expired will stack your new shields on top. You can keep stacking the shield higher and higher as long as the enemy stays grouped enough to provide cooldown reduction.

Instead, the new shield should replace the old one. Or work like Kerrigan, who has a maximum limit for shield stacking.

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