I just played Chromie again.

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08/25/2018 11:13 AMPosted by Flinx
After playing with Chromie after awhile, unless you like AA and skilled at your shot close up or a skilled tank CCing main tank, it's best to just put this hero away.

And if you do like AA, then there are better heroes than Chromie to use, so it is best to just put this hero away.
pretty much
Same thing here. I was "kind" of excited seeing them adressing the damage nerfs, and while Chromie feels a bit more as she "used" to be, that W nerf is still !@#$. Took me 25 mins to complete Dragon's Breath quest, when it usually took me around 6-7. By that point in the game, we had already lost, and I know it was because of my Chromie's %^-* state.
I played against an enemy team with tracer and chromie. We had no healer on our team while they had lili. We stomped them lol
All they had to do to Chromie was fix the issue with Time Traps. Even before they removed Reaching Through Time she was more easily ganked by back line divers due to not having access to a ridiculous Time Trap-ability reset talent. And then she got Andorhal Anomaly and killed anyone that one of the three traps if she took it.

Andorhal Anomaly was already pretty broken with Chromie's old range, but it became especially broken with Timely Surprise. Even at the cost of a full pierce, she could just get resets for reliable damage at 18, and there wasn't any reason to take Pocket of Time anymore. (Also, kinda sad Loophole went away cause it was really cool, even if niche. [PS: All it needed was a range buff.])
08/24/2018 12:58 PMPosted by FireSoup
I must be a sadist.

In the case of self-torture, the correct word is "masochist".
08/24/2018 01:06 PMPosted by FireSoup
The damage buff did absolutely nothing. She's more broken right now than any hero in the history of HotS.

Have you met Chen ?

Have you met Tassadar ?

Have you met The Lost Vikings ? (probably not because by definition they are lost)

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