Control Loss bug (again)

Bug Report
Ok so I just played a match where I had a lag spike for like 5 seconds. After reconnecting to the game my character was constantly moving to the point where I disconnected. Basically I could control my character, use spells (channelling as well), teleport to base etc etc but the character movement was hindered by constant returning to the initial point in which I used to stand while disconnected (or reconnected?). I literally had to click my rmb mouse a dozen of times per second to actually move somewhere.

Not sure if this is a single case or someone had it as well. If I'll have disconnect once more and this happens again, I'll write a new post.

Can send replay if needed
Hey Illidiance,

Thanks for the report!

If possible, could you please send in the following to our Heroes Bug Attachment Inbox:
  • DXDiag
  • The replay with time stamp of where exactly you experience the issue.

Thank you,

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