If we were willing to pay $5/month for this game...Blizzard...

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Would you balance the heroes better and fix matchmaking?
If the game became subscription-based you’d see an immediate drop in users.

There *might* be some quality revisions made, which *might* bring back some people.

I wouldn’t be one of them, but hey.
It would not. Great effort though, but no one who gets paid on this game even looks at these forums.
I'd pay a small monthly fee for better quality. For sure.
i'd pay a fee for a more exclusive ranked mode where only hardcores who play to win are allowed and if you don't keep a certain win rate or certain statistical benchmark you get booted ...

would be cool
Wasting my Time playing this neglected game is the biggest payment they are having. Time I could be doing more productive stuff.
Adding a subscription fee to play a more balanced and taken care of game is an insult to injury to most people who actually value their time. And to anyone who has brain and self worth would result in automatic uninstall.
I wouldn't think twice. That's the highest form of insult Blizzard can come up at this point.
It could become the best matchmaker in the world, but given a very significant amount of the playerbase would quit (at least 50%, probably more) this matchmaker would be forced to make concessions in quality so those left can actually play.

So ultimately the game would just die.
My money already shifted from HotS to Dragon Ball Legends... a mobile game.

That's how bad this game currently is. At least the devs for DBL gives their fans what they're clamoring for. Over here, if you clamor for heroes you will get suspended or banned eventually.
I wonder this also!!!!!
I'm not sure people would pay for this, I mean it's really fun when the stars align, but otherwise not worth even a dollar a month.
Yup, i would pay, if they really fix at least 50% of the problems with the game :)
If you switched to to a $5/Month subscription fee the queue times would DRASTICALLY increase (as your player base drastically decreased.)

Sure, those players would "probably" be higher quality players, but how long would they stick around with even longer queue times?
I would pay $ 1 per month to have AZ changed back to normal, get rid of report system, and fix matchmaking.
You already paid.

With your life.

Play forever.
If it came with all heroes unlocked, maybe, but in the game's current state, I would not continue to play. I've already almost quit as it is, I think i've played maybe 5 games in the past week, I used to play 5-10 games a day, sometimes more.
Some people do pay $5 a month in skins.

And if you average out the whales who own the entire collection and the cheap skates who don't pay a dime, it probably comes out to a buck or two a month per player.

So lack of revenues is probably not the problem here...too much resources devoted to skins instead of balancing...sure maybe...
i agree with the original poster i support this 100% because it will most likely make people leave than join this Buzzard product
I wouldn't pay a fee... I'd end up going back to League of Legends, or any of the other ftp moba games out there. I don't see many problems (apart from OP champions) but then other MOBAs have them too... so it wouldn't matter.

I play HotS because I remember the time I spent in Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo... the stories, cinematic and times in those games made me love Blizzard games, with HotS I get to re-play my favorite characters in small bursts, which is fine.
Didn't work for OW

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