6 man team is less stressful

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I'm 100% correct. Don't agree? I don't care. I'm still right.

Looks like you dont know what percents are, what being “right” entails, how to present a case, or even know what the meta is, let alone can be.

Having another slot isnt going to magically fixbthe formation you claim, and similarly, the formations cast arent always “1 tank 1 healer”. You inability to even correctly describe the initial concern invalidates your claim of being “right”.

Not that you’ve ever cared anyways as you pretty much come here to just chronically qq and act like its anyone else’s problem that you are your own isssue.

Best part in this to you is that anyone else could claim the also be 200% right, not care and say they win by default by being better than you.

I mean, if you’re going to argue like a child, at least try to do that well and get yourself more percent (be a million percent correct) and som infinity armor that is impervious to missile sarcasm and doom-lazer cynasism
1. Tank
3. Heals
5. Support/Hybrid dps
6. Seige

6÷3= 2, 6÷2=3 per lane.

Six makes more sense.
they would have to buff health pools I think since you can already delete some high health heroes on a 5 man focus... adding even more deletion power with an extra hero would be catastrophic against even semi organised teams.
200 vs 200 or go home!
If they ever implement something like this they will nerf to tweek some numbers of some talents like diablo apocalipse at 20, falstad thunder heroic and like that
Ya, adding yet another person to a team where coordination can be a problem with five, spells success?

I want the logic you're smokin'.
I hear as soon as the game has 100 heroes, they'll introduce a Battle Royale mode.
09/07/2018 11:31 AMPosted by DaShmoe
I hear as soon as the game has 100 heroes, they'll introduce a Battle Royale mode.

Battle royal mode ? were did you heard of that.

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