Blizzard Needs to Focus on What Matters, Preventing Stomps.

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Just leaving a reply perhaps we get a blue answer.
I honestly think its due to this game being free. Therefore people can make random accounts for different purposes. I literally just made a topic about people not filling in draft. But I feel the majority of "my" losses come from stupid reasons like, not filling in the draft, playing heroes out of positions (laning with only tank/healer and avoiding tf because "no one is soaking"), or people getting tilted over the dumbest reasons and throwing the game 2 minutes in.

As someone who plays this game daily these matches are unavoidable. I hope they can do something about this soon.
I'm not sure how it can be fixed. I don't think it's because your teammates are super bad, it's more because the comp is terrible sometime, like 2 mages team vs anubarak and stuff like that.

Even one-sided victories are a bit boring, feel like I play a game on super easy mode
Honestly most of my recent games have been fairly balanced. I've noticed that at higher levels players continue trying, are more skilled and often will not quit until the core is destroyed.
I've witnessed some crazy comebacks on both sides lately, and the smallest mistake or sloppy move or overconfidence can tilt the game in the other direction.
So I disagree with the OP. A lot more competitive game than stomps lately
My interest in playing has waned drastically because of the dumpy matches I get occasionally.

That's the problem for me. I won't lie, in the past few weeks I've had really solid competitive matches... and I've had awful matches with people who don't have soak discipline or the ability to simply be alive before an objective begins. Like, simply impossible for them to do it once the WHOLE match.

That sucks. It sucks because I'll only play up to 3 matches a day one or two days a week. Those potato games suck the fun out of even bothering starting the game for me.
Yeah just call for daddy blizzard to fix your team from fighting outnumbered or a talent down, having no map awareness and getting caught frequently, not knowing how to draft or play the map, I'm sure they have a special solution for people getting upset.

As you can tell stomps will happen because they deserve to happen, you're basically asking for the game to become even more noob-friendly and punish bad players less.

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