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Maybe it's just me but I find it a bit annoying that the different color variations of skins that have themed abilities don't change the color of the ability particle effects to match the specific color your hero is using.

For example, there are 3 Deathfang skins for Genji: red, blue and green. However, all 3 variants use red particle effects for the themed abilities. I'd love to see each skin variant have the abilities use the corresponding color. So the red skin would have red ability particle effects, the blue skin would use blue effects etc.

This specific example is especially vexing considering it's a Legendary skin. It just seems to me that skins that rare/expensive should call for that extra bit of effort to make them just right.

I know that would be quite a task to go back and alter the colors of all the heroes that have skins like that but even just designing future skins (especially the Legendary ones) that way would be appreciated. (By me, anyway...)
I have to upvote this. The ability/skin color mismatch is irksome. Adding the example of mecha Abathur, who you mostly see via his abilities. There's no reason to get the red and white skin if your pod, hat, and monstrosity are all going to be green and black.

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