(CDC#6) Sledge The Mallet Lord

Hero and Skin Suggestions
This concept is for the CDC #6 Hellscape
Lore- Since the Dark Exile of the Prime Evils, the Mallet lords refused to bend the knee to the Lesser Evils. The Mallet Lords instead built their own nations of daemons on the outer reaches of the Burning Hells. Never content ruling a barren waste Sledge always longed for the days of battle with his old lord Mephisto. As soon as word reached him that Mephisto had been found fighting in the Nexus, he immediately set out to aid the Great Evil once more.

Role-Warrior- Sledge is a slow high damage warrior who specializes in delayed burst damage and obstructing enemies. Outside of one of his heroics Underheaval he dosent have any movement options out side of his 10% increase speed, so he has to rely on his allies to initiate the fight on most occasions. To compensate for Sledges lack of a mount he can open a rift from the Alter letting him or an ally return to the battle almost immediately.


Health-2700 (+4% per level)

Basic attack-speed 1 every 1.2 seconds-173 damage

Giant Sized Character Rules
I at least 1.5 times the size as Chogall.
Displacement effects only have half the effect on him. Example Stiches hook only brings him half way to Stitches.
Has an additional 3 units of vision but can also be seen by enemy heroes 3 units outside of their vision.
Can see over walls and can be seen over walls by enemy heroes.
Cannot use bushes and cannot see enemy heroes hiding in them.
Imune to certain status effects like Stitches Gorge (it said cant be used on large heroes for like 3 years)

Z-mount-Sledge cant mount but moves at 110% movement speed.

Trait-Hell Rift-When Sledge Hearths he opens up a Hell Rift in the Alter and ware he previously was. Channeling on the Hell Rift in the Alter will bring them to the Hell Rift ware Sledge Hearthed and closes both Rifts. Any allied hero can use the portal was well as Sledge. This has a 45 second cooldown that starts when a hero uses the hell Rift

Q-Pulverize-Sledge forces all his fists onto the back side of his body and slams his fists down in a 3 unit long and 2 units wide rectangle dealing 190(+4% per level). Pulverize can a charged up to 3 seconds each second increasing the amount of damage it deals by 190(+4% per level) Sledge cant move while charging Pulverize. 8 second cooldown.

W-Multislam-Sledge lifts his arms above his head and slams his hands in his diagonal directions (4 small circles) dealing 120 damage(+4%per level) and slowing enemies hit by 30% for 2 seconds. 8 second cooldown

E-Cave Up-Sledge fires a line of rock walls in a straight line of 8 units stoping at the fisrt enemy it hits and dealing 130(+4% per level) damage. Ware ever the cave up passes it creates 2 unit long rock walls with 300 health (+5% per level) the last 6 seconds and obstruct movement but not vision. 14 second cooldown.

R1-Underheaval- Sledge jumps up to 6 units and deals 200 damage to all enemies he lands on and puts them in stasis for up to 2.5 seconds or until he walks off of them. 80 second cooldown.

R2-Giants Grasp-Sledge slams his fists together in a 90% cone dealing 200 damage, and pulling all enemies to the middle of it. 40 second cooldown.

Tier 1

A Balancing Act- Sledge can now move at 40% speed while charging up Pulverize.

Side Swipe-reduce Pulverize’s maximum damage by 30% but it now sweeps enemies 40% to the right or left. If they hit a rock wall they take an adiditional 200 damage (+4%per level) and are stuned for .75 seconds.

Maximum Effort- Pulverize now charges 60% faster and Multislams no longer has a cooldown but deals half the damage it used to but now Sledge has energy that works the same as Valeera. Pulverize coasts 40-70 energy depending on how much it charges and Multislam coasts 30 energy.

MC Sledge- .5 seconds after casting Multislam Sledge will cast it again in the cardinal directions.

Tier 2

Ghastly Affix- Ability- for 4 seconds Sledge will become a ghost and move through allies but not enemies. 40 second cooldown.

Cave Around- Ability- Sledge fire a shock wave that passes through wall and npcs it stops when it hits a hero. The shock wave deals 200 damage (+4% per level) and creates 3 rock walls it a square missing the side ware the hero was hit from. 40 second cooldown

Hellscape- Ability- turn all Rock walls into magma puddles that deal 2% of the enemy heroes that stand it every second lasting 6 seconds. A Magma puddle will also be left ware Sledges next Pulverize or Multislam is cast. 40 second cooldown

Surprise Boss Battle!!!- Ability- Sledge shrinks to the size of Chromie loosing his Giant affix and stealth’s, Sledges armor is also dropped by 100. This activating and deactivating this ability takes a 2 second channel. 15 second cooldown.

Tier 3

We Will Rock You!!!-Multislam can now be used while Pulvirize is being channeled, and it makes the We Will Rock you bang bang clap sound.

Unleash The Panic- every time Sledge takes 30% of his max health as damage within 10 seconds he gains 20 spell power for 10 seconds, this does not stack.

I Got Over It- if the end of Pulverize comes into contact with (not passed) a wall Sledge will flip over it landing in the place he would have hit tat part of the wall at on that side.

Tier 5

Overhead Slam- Every basic attack is now converted into a single Multislam, dealing area damage and applying the slow in 1 a small area instead of 4.

T-Wall-If Sledge hits the first Rock Wall he creates with a Pulverize or a Multi Slam he create 2 more walls next to the last Rock Wall he created in the shape of a T.

Demonic Stabilization- Damage no longer interrupts Sledge’s hearth (stuns and displacements still do) and knock all enemies with the exception of bosses back by 6 units.

Tier 6

Keep Crusher- Pulverize now deals an additional 15% max health damage to all structures, no matter how charged the ability is.

Sturdy as Hell- Sledge has 20 armor decreasing by 1 for every 5% of his health missing.

Satanic Force Momentum- Every basic attack or Multislam that hits an enemy hero gives a stack of Satanic Force stacking up to 15 times. When Sledge hits enemy heroes with Pulverize it will deal and additional 3% max health damage per stack of Satanic Force split amongst the heroes hit. (note its only the % damage that’s being split not Pulverizes base damage) 10 stacks of Satanic Force are consumed when Pulverize is used.

Tier 7

The Kidnap- while Underheaval is active and there are enemies under Sledge he can activate it again to jump the same distance in the opposite direction with 2 of the enemies underneath him. The enemies that are taken is set to be the two heroes with the lowest health.

I Can Grab You Anyware -Sledge now grabs the closest 4 enemies in a circle and can throw them in any direction.

Empower Rift- Sledge can now toggle D to make hiss portal last an additional 4 seconds after its used however he is stunned for the duration.

Super Unique-Increase Sledges size and damage by 30% and his movement speed by and additional 10%. This also increases the range he can see and the range he can be seen at by 1 unit. This talent can be selected with another tier 7 talent, but never un selected.

Space Thrall- Space Lord Leoric tired of his failed attempts at taking the earth, looked back at the worlds the Eternal Empire had Conquered. Then the peaceful Mallet Men of the once quite planet Lleh came to mind, with a few darkness adjustments they could become something more.- Sledge has space lord armor around him, and chains connecting his smaller legs together also cant forget that space lord voice mask. Also his elongated head is exaggerated further, to give off the alien appearance.

Railobt- as Leoric Henry pushed his way threw the crowd of rail way workers to see what the commotion was about, he was surprised to see an entrepreneur named Alfred Arak standing next to a large contraption. Alfred Arak said “ This here is the Railbot Sledge model, and it can replace the need for railmen all together with a 1 time purches” Leoric had to do something about this or it could put him and all the other hard working Khandurins out of a job.- Sledge is a big steam punk looking robot with a mechainical sounding voice, and a train whistle every time he casts Pulverize.


To Mephisto- Master how I missed you so.

To Diablo- I serve Mephisto above all… but im wiling to serve you for a time

To Azmodan- You wouldn’t be a Lesser Evil if you, “gasp!!” exercised daily and eat Less.

Prime Evil Diablo- I…I…im at a loss for words your Malevolence

To non-speaking characters- So you cant talk, not that I intended to listen to you.

To Angels- We are not friends don’t get to comfortable around me.

To Nephlem- Im glad you’ve finally embraced the better of your heritage.

To Chogall- I think were a man short.

To Stitches- ‘chuckles’ that’s cute you remind me of when I was a hatchling.


Mephisto-Baal is much more deserving of my skills

Diablo-you were never that scary

Azmodan-Filth like you dosent even deserve to be stuck to the bottom of my heal.

The Butcher-Call me the tenderizer

Angel-I love the sound they make when they splatter.

Hero with a hammer- Nail shouldn’t wield hammers.

Stitches- he’s smashing in a better place now.
Creativity - 4/5
Everyone loves the lore of Mallet Lords thats for sure and he does seem to have alot of 'Hul.........Mallet Smash!' added in which does fit them but thats mostly it other then his immense size.

Cohesiveness - 4/5
He seems to fit the 'I'm large and in charge' big character role as he seems to be a bodyblocker with big slow wind ups which is surprisingly missing from the games niche role, not much else there and i also wanna add Gorges restriction to large heroes applies to map objectives, the dragon knight, night terror and russian mechs are large hero units so that means Sledge would still be Gorge able.

Thematic - 5/5
As i said above he fits his character as a slow giant demon who doesn't take smack from other demons.

Interaction - 2/5
While i personally find his kit so far to be nice and unique i feel that both to allies and enemies that his size might cause problems and while he does have disadvantages with that size he might be a conflict of interest when he's say teamed up with Cho'gall and Diablo two already fairly large heroes.

Overall Score
Creativity - 4/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 5/5
Interaction - 2/5

Total - 15/20

Overall a giant hero concept isn't a bad one and would be good to add that since it could fill its own niche even if it gets hit by weird things like Gorge on stitches or Murky banging him with a fish but thats game balance after all lol.
I'm having difficulty posting this through spam filter. This is the third attempt >.<

Overall Score
Creativity - 5/5
Cohesiveness - 3/5
Thematic - 4/5
Interaction - 5/5

Total - 17/20

Creativity - 5/5
The character is quite interesting to be certain. The main props to you in painting an interesting picture of what a giant character would look like, and it works quite well! All three of the basic abilities as well as the two heroics are interesting as well, and so I have no complaints about the base kit. It’s not too complex, which works for a character like this, but it’s still engaging and brings in new mechanics. Altogether, solid job. Also, I saw the contest name drop in the talents ;D

Cohesiveness - 3/5
While the character is unique, I feel that it doesn’t work together too well outside of talents. He definitely does work towards the idea of a slow but powerful and disruptive warrior, but I think he could benefit a bit more with some more interactions between his abilities. His supportive feature with Hell Rift is also a bit strange. His talents are, honestly, a bit of a mess. Many of his talents feel randomly placed, and some of the effects are just strange. While several more are interesting, and certain playstyles do form within the character’s kit, I think several talents are problematic. There seems to be no real central themes among the tiers or within the tiers, making the entire character feel a bit scattered as a result. Key talents to look out for are Surprise Boss Battle, Hellscape, We Will Rock You (this honestly should be baseline), I Got Over It, Demonic Stabilization, Keep Crusher (this one particularly makes no sense), and Empower Rift. I also have a question about Super Unique. Why would somebody not always take this last talent? It is free and gives him a massive boost to all of his perks, with a very, ver light downside. Also, I was a little bit disappointed that there was not much to capitalize on his massive size; if you are going to add a massive character, I would expect something to work with it.

Thematic - 4/5
The talent names on Tier 3 are hilarious, and there is quite a lot of jokes being delivered throughout (Surprise Boss Battle, MC Sledge, Sturdy as Hell). Unfortunately, the character’s tone doesn’t really strike a comical one, and, while it’s quite entertaining the read through, it doesn’t really fit the character or the game tone. I cannot imagine what I Got Over It would look like. It would be fine of a joke character, but Mallet Lord is not really a joke character. Otherwise, the abilities feel right for the character, and it fits the contest well. Altogether, good job.

Interaction - 5/5
The character seems sufficiently balanced from a design perspective. All of his abilities have counterplay, with Multislam having a really interesting way to counterplay it. I think his second heroic might be a bit oppressive, as it is essentially a non-skillshot, multitarget version of Stukov’s Massive Shove. Everything else seems pretty nicely crafted, and I don’t have many complaints.
Total - 17/20

Creativity - 5/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 4/5
Interaction - 4/5


While his abilities are rather basic, they do bring new things to the table.
You also handle his massive size in an interesting way.

His proposed skins are interesting and the descriptions show you put some thought int them.

You never mentioned, but I'm going to assume he's melee.
His kit feels more like independent tools than a single set.
He has two forms of "smash" which could work together, one slowing, so the other is more likely to strike and cause damage, but I'm not sure the slow is big enough to actually take advantage of it.
His third ability seems like it could be a problem, since with his massive size, he's already going to have problems navigating small or crowded spaces, and adding path blockers he can´t remove could keep him from engaging the enemy (especially if I'm right about him being melee). At the very least, he might be tricky to use because of this, having to learn to not use his E in the direction he intends to go.

His talents also feel like they're all over the place.

He's a big mean demon, and his size and kit would make him feel really strong, but his quotes and talent names make him feel a bit like a joke character, which as Bliztron mentioned doesn't really fit a Mallet Lord too well.
A joke here and there in a serious character is fine, but I think you might have overdone it with the humor.

He doesn't have anything that bad to play against, but as an ally...
If his team is not very well coordinated, his E (and several of his talents) might get in the way of his allies often, and his massive size and inability to mount might make him likely body block them (and the enemy) more often than intended. I would want to be "stuck in traffic" because this one guy just can't get out of the way.
Of course, this is only a problem in crowded spaces (i.e. off-lane), but I would still find it frustrating.

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