CDC #6 - Baal

Hero and Skin Suggestions
The Middle Son of the Prime Evils, Baal is the most brash and reckless of his brethren, reveling in wanton chaos and corruption, never tiring of the slaughter. Baal seeks to undo creation itself, and within the eternally repeating storm of the Nexus, he will be willing to do so for all eternity.

Baal is a Melee Assassin who weakens his opponents as he attacks, working especially well against Tanks and Supports that rely on Shields and armor. Can open paths for his allies to use to press the assault, or make an escape route if cornered.
Cool! I'm excited :)
Health: 2350
Mana: 500
ATK Speed: 1.3
ATK Range: 2.o Meters
ATK Damage: 106

Destructive Strikes - Trait
All Damage dealt by Baal deals 20% more damage to Structures, Shields, and Summons. Whenever Baal or his Festering Appendages Basic Attack a target with Physical Armor, that Armor is reduced by 5, stacking indefinitely, for 3 seconds. Armor cannot be lowered below base level.

Festering Appendage - [Q]
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Mana Cost: 20
Extend the reach of your next Basic Attack by 1.5 meters, and apply a Festering Appendage to the target. Targets stuck with a Festering Appendage will be poisoned for 230 damage over 4 seconds, and will sprout a cluster of long tendrils. These tendrils will attack a nearby target, dealing 100 damage per hit every 1.1 seconds. Each time Festering Appendage attacks an enemy Hero, or Baal Basic Attacks an enemy effected by Festering Appendage, it reduces it's cooldown by 2 seconds. If Baal uses Festering Appendage on an already infected enemy, it's duration will be refreshed on that target and the new appendage will bounce to a nearby unaffected host, prioritizing Heroes. There is no limit to the number of Festering Appendages that can be in combat.

Hoarfrost - [W]
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Mana Cost: 40
Launch an arrowhead-shaped blast of freezing magic in a target direction. Enemies hit by the sides of the blast will be knocked sideways, taking 123 damage and being slowed by 50% decaying over 3 seconds. The first enemy unit to be hit by the tip of the blast will be impaled by it, taking 150 damage and being dragged backward with the blast until they hit terrain. Dragged target will also be slowed.

Path of Destruction - [E]
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Mana Cost: 50
Send forth a wave of destruction that cuts a path through all terrain or structures in its way, dealing 190 damage and making the area pathable. Erased or partially erased structures become intangible during this period, taking no damage. Terrain and structures return to normal once the effect ends, ejecting all characters standing in them. Lasts 7 seconds.
(Note: Cannot erase Map objectives or past the edges of the map.)

Incineration Nova - [R1]
Cooldown: 100 seconds
Mana Cost: 70
After a 0.75 second channel, release an expanding ring of fire that deals 300 damage to all enemies hit. Enemy Heroes damaged by the ring will release a second smaller ring, dealing 180 damage to enemies hit.

Mana Rift - [R2]
Cooldown: 40
Mana Cost: 50
Fire a blast of unstable magic in a target direction. All enemy Heroes caught in the blast are Silenced for 3 seconds and lose all protective statuses (Protected, Unstoppable, Unkillable, ETC.).
Creativity - 4/5
90% of your concept is pretty nicely 'destructive' xP just like Baal embodies fully and his Trait combo with his E is a nice touch, i will add to your second heroic Mana Rift in that mana killing things are usually not looked on kindly by most and the devs themselves don't seem to like it either thats why its not been seen once since the game launched.

Cohesiveness - 4/5
Fits his role and theme as a destructive specialist though for the most part you could've just called him an assassin cause debuff based assassins do exist.

Thematic - 5/5
Fits the character really well since its basically what Baal would do in D2 and translates well into the Nexus from what i've seen here so far.

Interaction - 4/5
He seems fairly good as an enemy for matches but might also be too good as an ally specially with infinite armour loss and Mana Rifts mana destruction capabilities.

Overall Score
Creativity - 4/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 5/5
Interaction - 4/5

Total - 17/20

Apart from Mana Rift alot of your concept is spot on for a good hero kit and hope to see more of it added in the coming weeks, should've reserved a comment slot trust me they help lol.

Split Ends [Q]
Festering Appendage attacks an additional 2 targets, dealing 80% damage, but lowers the cooldown reduction of Festering Appendage attacks to 1.5 seconds.

Revel in Madness [Q]
Baal is Healed for 30 Hp whenever an Enemy is Damaged by Festering Appendages Poison. This Heal is Doubled against Heroes. Healing Stacks up to 5 times, prioritizing Heroes.

Entropy [W]
Quest: Hitting enemy Heroes with Hoarfrost increases its damage by 1, up to 30.
Reward: After Hitting 30 Heroes with Hoarfrost, increase its damage by an additional 20 and gain a free cast within 3 seconds of hitting at least 2 enemy Heroes.

Path of Conquest [E]
Deal 26 Damage Per Second and gain 20% increased movement speed and immunity to slow in the area effected by Path of Destruction.

Path of Corruption [E]
Deal 23 Damage Per Second and lower the Damage dealt by enemies by 20% in area effected by Path of Destruction.

Path of Chaos [E]
Deal 18 Damage Per Second and halts the duration decay of Baal's abilities and effects in the Area effected by Path of Destruction.

Burdened Corruption [Q]
Festering Appendage Slows it's hosts Attack Speed by 20% and increases the cooldown reduction from attacks against them by 0.5 second.

Crushing Grip [Q]
Applying a Festering Appendage to an Enemy Structure will not spawn tendrils. Instead, it will disable the structure for 3 seconds. Disabling effects also apply to Fountains and Gates, preventing enemies for using/passing through them.

Cold Soul [W]
Lower Spell Armor of enemies hit by Hoarfrost equal to the Slow amount applied.


Bare Flesh [D]
Destructive Strikes can now be activated. Activating Destructive Strikes will cause your next Basic Attack against a shielded target to remove all Shields and Physical Armor from them, regardless of amount. Basic Attacks and Festering Appendage attacks against Heroes will reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 second. Has a 40 second cooldown.

Bleeding Lash [Q]
Basic Attacks and Festering Appendage Attacks deal an additional 1% of a target's Total Hp as damage.

Blood Mana [Active]
Cooldown: 50 seconds
Curse an enemy Hero for 3 seconds. Cursed target will take 1 damage (+4 per level) for each mana they spend. Does not work on enemies without mana.

Unmaker [E]
Initial wave of damage also deal 5% of an enemy unit's total Hp as Damage.

Rotting Touch [D]
Destructive Strikes can now lower Armor to -10.

Unholy Infection [Q]
If a Festering Appendage is able to to consecutively attack a target 3 times, will automatically spread a Festering Appendage to them.

Piercing Chill [W]
The center of Hoarfrost will also Slow ability cooldowns by 25% for 3 seconds. Impale effect will also drop non-hero targets if it contacts a Hero, impaling them instead.

Destruction Echo [R1]
Each Enemy Hero hit by a secondary Blast lowers the cooldown of Incineration Nova by 10 seconds.

Essence of Chaos [R2]
Mana Rift reduces healing from allies by 30% for Silenced targets, and prevents them from receiving beneficial statuses from allies.

Vile Effigy [Active]
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Activate to cause a select unit effected by Festering Appendage to become consumed by the Appendage, transforming into an immobile demon in Baal's image while the victim enters Stasis. Vile Effigy will attack nearby enemies and will mimic Baal's Basic Abilities. Effigy has 1000 Hp plus half the Hp of the target in stasis, and it's Hp decays over 16 seconds.

Wither [Active]
Cooldown: 50 seconds
For 5 seconds, Reveal a target Enemy Hero and disable all of their Talents, aside from Heroic Ability. Has a global casting Range.
Abaalration:Legendary Skin
Zerg Aberrations are simple in concept, a hulk of Biomass piloted by a Terran nervous system. However, their unstable genetic structure makes them perfect candidates for Abathur's experiments with deadly new mutations.
Details: Skin overhauled to resemble an Infested Zerg Aberration. Voice and ability animations changed to fit theme.
Festering Appendage: Barbed Spine Crawler tendril.
Hoarfrost: A volley of spines with one large spine in the center.
Path of Destruction: A wave of Broodlings that leaves behind a trail of venoumous looking Creep.
Both Heroics: Both take on a Psyonic Appearance.

Excidium Baal: Epic Skin
The body of Tal Rasha, while rotting and twisted beyond recognition, did serve as a useful vessel for Baal upon his release unto the world of Sanctuary. Now made whole by the chaotic whimsy of the Nexus, the whole of many Creations will bask in the glory of the true form of Destruction.
Details: Restored to his true form, resembles his Diablo 3 Concept Artwork. No changes to effects.

Poke Lines:
"All shall burn in the fires of destruction."

"If it isn't broke, you're doing it wrong."

"How does Diablo keep his host body so fresh and unrotten? I must ask him what his secret is."

"Do you like the new face? I had to bolt it on after the my old one rotted away, but a think I really nailed the look!"

"Wait, you mean Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone? And it ended up annihilating the entire barbarian Homeland? (Evil Laughter) Well, it appears I haven't been giving the Angels enough credit!"

"Even as a Prime Evil, being a middle child isn't easy. Mephisto is constantly fussing over some small detail or another, and Diablo always needs to be the center of attention."

"You think this is easy, don't you? Just wait until you face Uber Baal! Then you shall suffer!"

"Come to think of it, why did the Barbarians only leave a single old man to guard their gates?"

"A World Tree? That's a horrible idea! Trying to build any sort of protection around it would cut it off from sunlight, plus it would be impossible to transport! And don't even get me started on the whole fire-hazard issue."

Dance: Uses tendrils as impromptu guitar, starts playing with his "tongue" Gene Simmons style.
I've actually been considering redoing the base concept of Festering Appendage. The idea of using it as more of an infection came from trying to work around the Dev's attempt to steer away from Summoners. However, the more I look at it the more problems I see with it. In its current state, Festering Appendage basically just works as a less reliable damage aura, plus having three long tendrils sticking off of a character could prove difficult to implement and be too visually disruptive for players. Plus the whole spreading corruption thing sound more Zerg or Old God than Diablo, even if Demons are well known corrupters.

The rework I'm considering is more in line with how FA works in game, a multiple charge based ability that summons immobile tendril clusters to lash targets, which replenish all at once with a long cooldown. I wouldn't need to change all that much, and could probably think of some new talents to work around the new play style.
Give me some feedback on what you think it should be. I always value a second opinion! Except for Mana Rift. I can nerf the cooldown, maybe remove the damage, but the mana destruction is too integral to the character. I'm sorry. It's not as broken as it sounds.
09/12/2018 01:40 PMPosted by Aquatarkus
Give me some feedback on what you think it should be. I always value a second opinion! Except for Mana Rift. I can nerf the cooldown, maybe remove the damage, but the mana destruction is too integral to the character. I'm sorry. It's not as broken as it sounds.
The problem is not that it's broken, the problem is it either feels unimpactful to the user (the enemy had full mana, so they still have plenty for their abilities afterwards, or didn't have/use mana anyway, so it makes no difference), or it takes way too long to recover and therefore is too annoying on the reciever.
That's why the devs have said silence seems like a better option (as I understand it). Maybe consider replacing the mana reduction for a silence with duration scaled based on remaning mana (just like damage)?

On the topic of FA, I think the problem with making it work like in D2 is that it would pretty much become a turret, and while personaly I think there is room for more turrets in the game, just having a turret with charges does seem less interesting than your previous proposal, so the ability would probably need something extra to make it work better/be more interesting.
Thanks for the feedback, Deefe. I shall take your position... into consideration.
Overall Score
Creativity - 5/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 5/5
Interaction - 5/5

Total - 19/20

Creativity - 5/5
I am actually quite pleased with this design. Each ability introduces a new mechanic and ability layout that hasn’t been seen before. Many people underestimate how different new ability shapes can look and feel, and introducing an arrowhead shape is an interesting choice. I really like the purge effect on Mana Rift, and Path of Destruction is quite interesting as well. The talents all contribute quite a lot to the character as well, with each introducing a fun new mechanic to play around with. The Tier 7 talents are specifically my favorite, stripping enemies of talents and Vile Effigy are beautifully painted here. Overall, solid work.

Cohesiveness - 4/5
I have very small concerns with the cohesion of the kit, and the overlapping nature of talents. One of the key concerns I have is the knockback component on Hoarfrost, as it seems opposite to what Baal wants (considering his want to basic attack enemies as much as he can). The slow does compensate for it a bit, but not enough to really justify the knockback being contrary to what the Baal player wants to accomplish. I think somehow transforming the effect into a pull effect, pulling enemies into the center somehow would really make the ability work better with Festering Appendage and his other abilities in general, and would really add a combo feel to the character that would be quite interesting to play with. Some of his talents seem a bit misplaced, and some abilities seem forgotten. Revel in Madness is an interesting talent, but being one of the only defensive tools he has on a melee basic attack character makes its value rise incredibly so, pushing out any talent you pair with it. Tier 2 being focused on one ability works in this case, but I would be careful, as its had a bad history in the past. I think Festering Appendage takes a little bit too much priority in the talents over his other abilities, leading to a Junkrat syndrome of being trapped under the need to build into one style of gameplay. I would look out for these things moving forward.

Thematic - 5/5
The character incorporates destruction in brand new ways, and stays true to the idea of Baal all the way through. I love how you managed to take the concept of destruction and really compound it through the talents to create a highly thematic and interesting character, that fits Baal and fits the contest. Good job.

Interaction - 5/5
First things first, I am so so so so grateful you removed the mana burn from the character. It is inherently a bad design for almost all MOBAs out there unless the game is specifically built with it in mind (HotS is not). The new purge mechanic is quite interesting. Overall, every ability has several layers of counterplay to them, with even the “point and click” nature of Festering Appendage being made interactive by the benefit when enemies stack up, and the drive to keep in combat and keep attacking enemies. None of the talents seem too overly oppressive either.
In consideration of your observations, I've been thinking of a new alternative for Hoarfrost's and Festering Appendage's playstyle.
Instead of a simple area knockback, Hoarfrost would work more like a skillshot, firing an arrowhead of cold in a target direction. Enemies hit by the outer 'blades' of the shot would be slowed and knocked sideways, while the tip of the blast would actually impale the first enemy it hits, dragging them backward. This opens up more dynamic uses for the ability, using the sides of the cast to corral enemies while still having some selective peel potential.

Instead of plopping 3 tendrils on a unit, all working on different AI, Festering Appendages would work more like Zagara's Medusa Blades talent, focusing on a primary target while attacking other nearby targets. This would greatly simplify programming, and probably make it less intrusive to the infected character model.

This would be a considerable rebalancing to undertake, and considering how late in the game we are I realize this isn't exactly look kindly upon, so I hope to hear some feedback on my ideas and bear with me until the end.
Total - 19/20

Creativity - 5/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 5/5
Interaction - 5/5


I really like it!
Each of his abilities brings something new in both functionality and effects, yet you manage to not make them overly complex.

The talents are mostly on the simple side, but each of them still brings something more than just higher numbers.

The epic skin is interesting (though not all that creative), and the legendary skin and poke lines are pretty good.

While not every character has to be combo-centric, I think there is a bit of missed opportunity here. The basic abilities feel like they work independently from one another (one "infects", one shoves the enemy around, one makes paths), but I guess they could have some synergy in skilled hands. The talents are also pretty basic, and barely offer different build paths.

On the plus side, nothing really conflicts with other parts of his kit anymore, thanks to the W changes.

Perfect. He really embodies the concept of destruction nicely. He feels a lot like Baal, despite the Festering Appendages being completely different from the ones in D2.

You might have gone a bit far in the humor for the poke lines, but that's not a problem as long as it's only de poke lines, so it doesn't make him feel like a joke character.

I don't see any major sources of frustration here.
He can't really do much to annoy his allies (unless they were gonna trash a building and he uses his E on it?).
Depending on the size and speed of his projectiles, his abilities can be avoided and played around. Attaching his Q to an AA might make it harder to play around, but the range is just 1.5 (assuming in game ranges are in meters. They are right?), and even if you can't avoid the initial application of Festering Appendage, you just have to avoid letting him get too much out of it (sort of like with Poly bomb or Living Bomb).

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