What is Your "Comfort" Hero?

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There's something about spin build sonya that makes me smile
My comfort hero is Yrel.

It feels so good to just run up on people and D W smash them with my hammer.

My fav thing is to wait for a butcher to run at us and then try to smash him to bits.
My go to has been QM Medivh. Super high skill cap so endless room to improve and never gets boring with a super low rate so my expectation of winning is pretty low already.

Allows me to just kind of have fun and focus on my own play making instead of trying to manage a team.
Before rework, it was azmodan. I just loved that playstile. So relaxing and effective.

Now I take nazeebo with frogs. Something so satisfying watching those frogs get bigger and bigger and eventually splashing everything around. High spirits guaranteed
Zagara. Don't know why, but I'm so much less distracted as her. I feel like I could actually focus on important objectives. Especially if the team is already winning, it just feels extra good as Zag..
Now i don't have it. Thanks devs for "amazing" rework.
Tyrande, Chromie.

It's not a good time for me.
09/06/2018 10:50 PMPosted by HElSENBERG

Y'all need some GREEN JESUS!

Thrall is amazing.

So many meme pulls. Plus with the new attack speed build, with reduction to void prism, so many more meme pulls.

Swap - Dead
LiLi and Prob for sure. Beep-Boop.
Usually joh and Varian. But lately I’ve been winning a lot with Ana
Muradin or Azmodan, sometimes Falstad (he's my first hero, but playstyle is a bit stressful). It also used to be Lunara before rework, and Tyrael since open beta until scaling changes (he's fine now, but different).
ETC or Diablo. I'm really good with them.
I go for Abathur when Im tired of feeders and want to win&chill.
mine's Blaze as well right now, the frustration of people not using my bunkers when they need them is outweighed by the fun I have playing him.
Sonya, Yrel, Leoric, Malthael, Ragnaros
Fenix. He's so easy for me to play with and just dominate a match no matter how much of a losing streak Im on
Zeratul & Tassadar

Oh nvm
Used to be Diablo before the rework...

Zeratul sometimes fills that spot for me

Lately its been KelThuzad and Mephisto though.

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