Just make a permanent ARAM mode already.

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This towers brawl sucks, most other brawls are boring mini games. "Chance" to be the same hero (boring) is like 80% or something, what crap. Make an ARAM with a 2-4 map rotation every week and leave the awful pool party and stuff in some sort of unfun experimental brawl rotation like it is now.
ARAM MODE + surrender button and call it " ROFL mode "
And take out "small chance" and "same hero" altogether from the brawl rules, unless the brawl is super unique for it like pull party.
I agree.....i ask for this a lot...
They are probably concerned that it will heavily affect the queue times of other modes.
Well, I upvoted the OP but I would like to add a few important points from my perspective:

1. When brawl was announced, the community was ecstatic, including me, because we were shown and promised some pretty diverse arenas, "mutators" and others. I think over time the pool seems to have been substantially reduced to a few arenas and ARAMs. Mutatated games were especially fun, such as the "deadman's stand", anyone remember this one from GM release? Lots of fun. But we never see any variety anymore. "Heroic" modes were also fun but we don't see these either. Perhaps the heroic modes were still too easy themselves.

2. ARAM represents most of the popularity of brawls, I notice steady queue times at all hours with ARAM, while the other arena-type brawls (which are fun and a great idea) usually lose popularity after the first few days.

To fix this, I think the only option for Blizzard is to split them up into two separate modes, and I've asked as others here for a while (since close to the introduction of brawls). One mode for ARAM and another for true "brawls" (arenas, mutators, heroic/standard maps included).

I don't see this happening anytime soon unless the playerbase becomes larger because this will further increase the divide between modes and thin out / prolong the queue times. Otherwise, it should be implemented, especially once the playerbase gets larger.

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