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I've been trying to help a friend get into the game with one of my smurf accounts and was carrying most of the games, an uphill battle most of time, but I was still doing it. Then we reached a point when Blizzard started matching us with under lvl 100's and against level 300+'s... Why? It's been about 15 games in row that have been impossible to win due to the lack of experience on our team compared to theirs. My only explanation is this game tries to force a 50/50 win rate.
I mean, how else do you explain the consistent matching of under 100's against much higher levels when this was not the case for the first 40 or so games? The last two games I was matched against the SAME level 500 4 man party... It's a !@#$ing joke.
But it wasn't an issue while you were stomping people with your smurf? Maybe you got legit beginners and facing smurfs like you?
Even tho all evidence points at it there is no such thing. Git gud, thinfoil hat, Dunning-Kruger Effect, there are many people with 51% winrate, GMs can consistently carry low level games.
Meh, I am a mere 270ish level but I'm in no way an amateur, I just don't like spamming vs AI matches and my hero pool isn't that wide because I consistevly play only heroes I really like.

The level you are in HotS has little to do with your skill level, I've met level 1k+ that barely know how to manage an objective in any map or that didn't realize how to soak/tamfight/assassinate.

What probably happened is that you guys being playing on a new account and a smurf has put you against ppl of similar level of skill rather fast after seeing that you stomped other new ppl.

Edit: Truth hurts I guess.
So you got rekt by your own medicine?

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