CDC # 6 - Tor'Baalos, the Lord of Destruction

Hero and Skin Suggestions
Submission for CDC #6, Hellscape:

In a battle against Tyrael and the Horadrim, Baal was drawn into a shard of the soul stone meant to imprison him. Being unable to contain him forever, the mage Tal Rasha sacrificed himself to contain Baal’s essence within his own body. Centuries later, Baal was freed by the Dark Wanderer and Marius, and from there set out North to corrupt the worldstone and bring humanity and the nephalem into enslavement.

Have you ever wondered if it would be better for you to… die?

Baal is bringing his wanton destruction to the Nexus as a versatile specialist who excels at laying siege to fortifications and causing disruption on the battlefield.

Role: Specialist

Health: 1550
Attack Damage: 175
Attack Speed: 0.8
Attack Range: 1.5

+ Imposing Siege presence
+ Strong Objective / Team Fight presence
+ Very effective against Melee & Tanks

- High Cooldowns means that Baal must be very tactical
- Difficulty soloing Enemy Heroes & Mercenary camps
- No escapes & low health, vulnerable to nimble ranged damage dealers
D- (Trait) Army of Destruction: Target a lane. Summon 8 Unholy Knights at your Core which march down the targeted lane for battle. Unholy Knights last indefinitely. 150 second Cooldown, starting at game initialization.

Unholy Knight
Health: 900
Attack Damage: 20
Attack Speed: 1
Attack Range: 1
Magic Armor: 25
Q- Incineration: A nova erupts around Baal in a 5 radius area, dealing 80 damage to all enemies hit. Enemy Heroes take up to an additional 0% to 7.5% of their maximum health in damage based on their proximity to Baal, dealing more damage the closer they are, while Enemy Non-Heroes take an additional 120 damage. Costs 65 Mana to cast and has a 12 second Cooldown.
W- Decrepify: Send two projectiles towards a target location, curving out from the center. ( Similar to Blaze's Flame Stream, except each line has an arc: ) Upon hitting an Enemy Hero, each projectile will deal 50 Damage and apply -15 Armor, a 15% Slow and Reduce Damage Dealt by 15% for 3 seconds. If a target afflicted with Decrepify dies they will explode in a 5 radius area dealing 275 damage to all enemies hit. Decrepify has a maximum range of 11, a 16 second Cooldown and costs 75 Mana to cast.
E- Festering Appendages: Begin Channeling for an infinite duration to spawn Festering Appendages at the location of your cursor every 0.5 seconds, up to a maximum range of 11. (Volskaya machine gun) Appendages has 150 Health, last for 3 seconds and have a ~1.25 width collision size (Allies phase through). They deal 30 damage + 20 to Heroes, attack 1.25 times per second and have an attack range of 2. Costs 65 Mana to cast and has a 8 second Cooldown starting when Channeling ends.
Heroic 1- Vile Effigy: Spawn a clone of Baal within 11 Range. Clone has 100% of Baal’s Health and Attack Damage and will copy every basic ability (untalented, not Trait) that Baal casts nearest its target location as possible. Vile Effigy can be commanded by recasting the ability. Whenever Baal or his Effigy take damage, so does the other. An additional ability, Vile Explosion, is added to Baal’s hotkeys, which, when activated, will cause Baal’s Vile Effigy to explode in a 5 radius area, dealing 275 damage. Lasts indefinitely. 100 second Cooldown, 100 Mana Cost.
Heroic 2- Seat of Power: Baal gains 75 Armor and becomes Unstoppable and Rooted for up to 16 seconds, during which time he spawns an Unholy Knight every other second from his location which marches towards the nearest lane attacking every enemy in its path. Can be cancelled. 30 second Cooldown, +15 seconds for every 2 seconds channeled. 100 Mana Cost.
Tier 1

Hoar Frost: Incineration becomes Hoar Frost; loses its bonus damage against Heroes but Slows them by 25% for 3 seconds.

Lurking Spawn: Festering Appendages spawned in bushes last for 24 seconds and Slow enemies by 15% for 2 seconds.

Mounting Invasion: Quest: Whenever Baal casts Army of Destruction the next cast will spawn 2 additional Hell Knights.

Profane Conquest: Quest: Collect 5 Regeneration Globes increase Baal's Health by 100. Collect 15 Regeneration Globes to increase Baal's Health by 300 (total), and collect 25 Regeneration Globes to increase Baal's Health by 500 (total).
Tier 4

Combustion: If Baal casts Incineration within 3 seconds when Incineration comes off of Cooldown its Cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds and costs 100% more Mana.

Desecration: Incineration creates a desecrated ground whereupon enemies take 45 damage per second for 9 seconds.

Transfusion: If both missiles from Decrepify hit the same Enemy Hero then your attacks become ranged against them (5.5 range) and Heal for the damage dealt for the next 3 attacks or until 6 seconds expires.
Tier 7

Fiendish Decay: Baal's basic attack against Structures deal an additional 1000 damage over 10 seconds. 20 second Cooldown.

Lusty Sinew: Festering Appendages last for 1.5 additional seconds and have 50 Magic Armor.

Blasphemous Upheaval: Baal ignores any Disabling effects and Appendages spawn 50% faster for the first 3 seconds that he channels Festering Appendages.

Vile Effigy

Seat of Power
Tier 13

Horrendous Procession: While Hell Knights are within an 11 radius area of Baal they gain 25 additional Magic Armor and 20 additional damage.

Musculoskeletal Mania: Baal gains 10% Movement Speed and 25% Attack Speed. Active: to double these bonuses for 5 seconds. 45 second Cooldown.

Festering Curse: Active: A Festering Appendage will spawn in the facing direction of Target Enemy Hero every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. 90 second Cooldown.
Tier 16

Mortal Kindling: Each Hero damaged by Incineration takes 1.5% of their Max Health in damage for each Unique Hero hit.

Clandestine Ruination: Festering Appendages gains 100% casting range and deal 20 bonus damage to Non-Heroes.

Revolting Confluence: If both spirits from Decrepify hit the same target they will deal 200% bonus damage.
Tier 20

Diabolical Mettle: Baal and Vile Effigy gain 25 Armor while the ability is active.

Devastating Victory: Baal deals 50% more damage while Seat of Power is active and takedowns scored while Seat of Power is active reduce the Cooldown of the ability by 30 seconds.

Spiteful Echoes: If an enemy Hero afflicted with Decrepify dies and explodes then their stacks (one or two) of Decrepify are refreshed and applied to all enemy Heroes hit by the explosion.

Mana Rift: Baal Teleports up to 11 Range. 120 second Cooldown. Cooldown recharges 1% faster for each % of Mana missing.
Alternate Skins:

Zerg Lord Baal: Very much a 'Queen' looking skin, with an iconic Sunken Colony as an Appendage.

King Slime Baal: A slime sitting on a regal looking thrown. Appendages become jelly.
I like this.
Creativity - 4/5
I will admit i am impressed with this since it is a unique take on Baal namely the fact he for some reason reminds me of Pre-Rework Azmodan in terms of siege presence and minions.

Cohesiveness - 4/5
Since you're opting for the siege based specialist i would say this works towards it quite well although Decrepify seems odd placed here since its heavily debuff based more then siege.

Thematic - 3/5
He does match being a destructive seiger with his army from the Lord of Destruction cinematic though some things like Decrepify being oddly there while Festering Appendages is very well his thing.

Interaction - 5/5
Some of things require a timing skill check little bit like Azmo with his pre-rework beam and timing when to use Seat of Power specially with his low health yet he can also be countered quite easily by some enemy comps so it evens him out.

Overall Score
Creativity - 4/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 3/5
Interaction - 5/5

Total - 16/20

Not often i go back to source material to reference when i read someones concept but this one got me doing it, was a nice change of pace to read up on Baal again ah the memories.
Hey y'all. I've been super passionate about this design, but I've had a lot on my mind this week. I got around to updating some stuff and including the Talents! Thanks so much for the replies.
Overall Score
Creativity - 5/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 5/5
Interaction - 3/5

Total - 17/20

Creativity - 5/5
The design is quite interesting, and it tackles the idea of a specialist in an interesting way. While I know many people believe that Baal should be an assassin, and that his mana burn should be baseline, I am quite pleased with this incarnation of the design. Each ability is unique in some way, though some are more interesting than others. I also enjoyed the talents quite a bit, and the names were quite nice. All in all, nicely done.

Cohesiveness - 4/5
While the design mostly adds together to make for a clear build option towards a tower destroying split pushing specialist, his abilities sometimes don’t fit well with one another. The key offender here is the division between his super long ranged Festering Appendage (which should be shortened probably), and his close range self-centered AoE with Incineration. His role as a sieger is quite nicely established, but it also seems like you can quite effectively turn it into an assassin, which is not a bad thing. I would like the talents to do more of the dividing, as to remove the disparities in the base kit. The talent that increases Festering Appendages’ range by 100% is a good example of what you could utilize. Some talents also seem to be in contrast with one another, but not in an interesting way necessarily. For example, Combustion and Desecration both add more AoE damage through Incineration that is effectively damage over time. Both are also overridden by the fact his only form of survivability is isolated on that tier, making it a must have or never have talent, depending on balancing. I’m also not sure about the tier 7 talents, specifically Blasphemous Upheaval’s faster spawn rate of his Festering Appendages; does this mean he gets one every .25 seconds? If so, that’s a bit much. I feel Decrepify is pretty isolated in the kit as a defensive and PvP fighting ability, so seeing a talent or two that add a divergence to it, either to make it better at sieging or to make it better at fighting, would do the concept well.

Thematic - 5/5
The character should embrace the army of destruction while embodying the spirit of destruction. While your concept does stray a little from what people would expect, I find it still fits wonderfully with the theme of the character. It matches the contest and it matches the character quite nice. I loved the twist on Mana Rift in tier 20, though some might be less pleased.

Interaction - 3/5
My biggest concern for the character is interaction. While his trait can be killed, it is still a huge strain on the lane you decide to use it on, similarly to Azmodan’s Lieutenant. I am unsure if that much power would be fun to fight against. His Q and W both have adequate counterplay, and his talents don’t seem to oppressive for the most part. One of the biggest problems is that his Festering Appendage just does too much, and is too powerful in all roles. It has a huge range, able to siege towers and forts far out of range (similarly to Sgt. Hammer at full range), but while Sgt. simply does damage, he can bodyblock, kill towers, slow heroes, and tank tower aggro for allies to kill towers with him without risking himself or his allies. It just all contributes to a far too powerful ability. And this isn’t even mentioning how his talents can make a fast wall of unit collision hell to trap enemy heroes in one place for infinite duration. I would suggest lowering the range, making the range increase talent lower tier, removing the slow (the slow on Decrepify already works well) and adding a mana cost to the channel (akin to old Azmodan’s laser channel).
Total - 17/20

Creativity - 5/5
Cohesiveness - 4/5
Thematic - 5/5
Interaction - 3/5


The abilities are rather unique, the least innovative one IMO being the trait (which is a bit like if Azmo's General and Rag's Lava Wave had a baby :p).
I like that you were able to present Baal in a way we haven't really seen suggested before (like Bliztron mentioned)

It feels to me like he has a set of very good tools that operate independently, rather than maybe not so good ones that work very well together.
He seems mostly like a summoner who sieges forts from a distance with his trait and E and his W can be a useful escape tool (with the slow, especially if both projectiles hit), but can also be used offensively since it has the same (massive) range as most of his kit. However, his Q and melee AA make him want to get closer to deal more damage.

He's a demon, so he fits the theme.
He also feels a lot like a sieger and general of an army, which fits the character really well.

I see two possible sources of major frustration:
  • The main one, for his enemies:
  • Since his abilities have such a huge range, it might feel like he's too safe, or like his attacks came out of nowhere.
    Also, to top it off (and like Bliztron mentioned), his soldiers may bring too much pressure (you thought Xul's skeletons where a chore to deal with? meet Baal), and his Appendages might be too good.
    Together, this problems could make him feel unfair, even if he was actually easy to counter

  • The other source of frutration, for his allies:
  • Since he can, like Bliztron put it, "make a fast wall of unit collision", he could often get in the way of his team as much as his enemies. Nazeebo used to have this problem (and still does in unskilled hands, like mine :p), which is why they gave him the ability to instantly cancel his zombie wall before it actually expired. Your concept, unlike Naz, has no built in way to avoid this problem.

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