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unfortunately the Feedback-Button isnt working (it doesnt send), I'll share this here.

Heroes of the Storm - Brawl Idea.

10 Player ingame. No fighting against each other. Instead their Base are getting invaded by Minions. (heavy invades by time). The team which lasts longer wins. Players can pick the same Heroes out of a pool of same Champs at the beginning.

A survival type brawl would be pretty cool. Could be a nice throwback to some WC3 and SC campaign missions as well as arcade maps. Perhaps it could be expanded and you could buy items or base upgrades as well.
this could be really cool
I'd like to play something like this, reminds me a little of that giant devil Teemo event in LoL.

This event, apart from ARAM, is the only reason I still play LoL.

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