Should the next hero be from Overwatch?

Hero and Skin Suggestions
It has been a long time since Hanzo's release and there are still many important Overwatch heroes that are still not in the Nexus. Also (after Blizzard classics) Overwatch has the least number of heroes that are in the Nexus. Now comment your ideas.
I've had this discussion with my friends multiple times. I'd say the obvious choice is a well recognized hero such as Reinhardt. However if they want to be flashy about the next Overwatch hero they should do Wrecking Ball or Bastion.
I think the next OW hero should be either an Omnic or a Talon agent, since both Talon and Omnics are still unrepresented in HotS.
Most MOBAs go for Wu Kong as their primate of choice, however there's something about a peanut butter addicted space gorilla scientist with a Jekyll/Hyde complex and a skin recolor called 'Banana' that is so appeeling to me.

Winston would be my choice, though I believe Reinhardt to be the best option as his design would fit in with Wow fans, and his kit probably won't be too toxic, as compared to Mei or Sombra, at least.
I've never played Overwatch but Wrecking Ball looks like he'd be a lot of fun in HOTS.
NO, not the next, not even the one after the next. Just let's ignore the fact that OW exists
I'd rather a blue dragon or an elf than an Overwatch hero.
No, they don't fit the moba playstyle

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