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Hero and Skin Suggestions
So according to this, they'll be doing an AMA about hero design and balance on reddit next week:

I don't have a reddit account, so I was hoping someone with one could ask a couple questions for me (if you're already planing to participate, or something).
My questions are about this forum, kinda:

1. According to this, Blizz doesn't take suggesstions for games or expansions:

A previous version of that site (which I looked at that one time I wanted to pitch them a game) used to word it more like they're not even allowed to look at unsolicited suggestions (because of Activision-Blizzard company-wide policy).

So my question is: are they even allowed to look at the hero concepts we post on this forum? (or is it just to keep us entertained? :P)

1.5 If they are allowed, have there been any times they saw something cool for a hero design and used it? (even if not on the hero it was suggested for)

2. Are the hero designers aware of the Comunity Design Contest that user Bliztron hosts here every couple months?

2.5 If so, do they have an opinion? (are the concepts generally OK? are they kinda "superficially" designed? What about the judges? is the feedback genearlly good? are they too harsh or too lenient?)

Those are all the questions I wanted to share.
Thanks in advance to anyone willing to ask them for me. :)
I'm already quitting my BPD meds in preperation
So I forgot to update my OP when they changed the date for the AMA.

it's live now (I think), if anyone wants to check it out:

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