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Hypothetical situation: You are given the opportunity to add any hero you want to this game. You don't have to worry about design, abilities, skins, or anything. You just have to tell the developers who you want added, and they will immediately start working on it. However, there's a catch. In exchange for having this new hero added, you lose your current hero. Not that they get removed from the game, but you can no longer play them, regardless of how much time you have on them, and you lose all your items for them.

1. Who is your current favorite hero?
2. Who is someone you REALLY want in the Nexus?
3. Is having them added worth losing your favorite hero?
1. Medivh
2. Vol'jin
3. No
Favorite Hero: Tyrande
Who do I really want?: Cenarius
Worth losing her?: I already lost her to the rework
1. Varian.
2. Baal.
3. Yes! All would bow before the might of the Lord of Destruction. Besides Varian is a WoW hero which I do not really care about (WC3 forever!).
1. Kael'thas
2. Duran (preferably in his SC1 form)
3. Duran and Kael'thas were my favourite characters from when I was a child. Kael got his image ruined in TBC and HotS imho, and Duran looks decent in SC:R, so yeah
1. Valeera
2. Sombra
3. maybe
I honestly can't say. My favorite hero changes almost every other day. I have a long list of heroes I'd like to be added, with #1 being Tosh, but I'm concerned about how they'll implement him.

The devs haven't exactly shown themselves to be good at balancing their own game, so I'm worried he'll be another Fenix, who was universally hated for being utterly broken, or Hanzo, who became universally hated even after several nerfs due to the Sharpened Arrowheads change the balance team made 2 weeks after his release.

I don't want to see either of those things happen to one of my all-time favorite characters.
Wouldn't bother me. I don't really have a favorite hero.
1. Nova
2. Grommash
3. Yes
1. Murky
2. Baal
3. Why not? I suppose I'd be trading one Lord of Destruction for another.
1) Artanis
2) Any non sith-like protoss (alarak)
3) Hmm nah, keep the artanis!
1) Azmo
2) Pitfall 2 Jumping Guy "Harrison Jones" i guess.
3) Sure, why not. Azmo does too much damage. Having a character that does no damage would be good. I guess he would jump around. Finding hidden treasures. Unlocking parts of levels.
My favorite hero is chen
I really want a dreadlord
Gah. I want a dreadlord because of his looks and nostalgia of wc3. And chen is my favorite due to playstyle. I dont think i would make that switch.
1. You all know exactly who it is
3. I really want to say yes but I can't
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Worth losing her?: I already lost her to the rework

I feel you
This question is kinda funny for me because my favorite hero is Rexxar, but I'd be willing to trade him for Leoroxx (who's Rexxar's father). They'd pretty much play the same way anyways, but at the very least I'd like them to take another stab at the kit so that it's not limited niche (what I'd give to be a able to pick Rexxar safely every game).
1. Who is your current favorite hero? STITCHES
2. Who is someone you REALLY want in the Nexus? MEI
3. Is having them added worth losing your favorite hero? HELL YEAH
1. Lunara
2. Mylune
3. Nope
I lose Tassadar and gain Bastion? Nothing of value was lost.
I accepted his death months ago.

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