Sorry Blizz, those QM games...

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...aren't looking like people are put on similar skill level. Just a few days ago a good winning streak and now this. People throw, troll, not care, not listen, whatever is going wrong with those games. If you keep on saying MM works as it should I wonder why it is so difficult to achieve more wins. Ranks are totally over the board and MMR discrepancies are probably at their worst state right now. It's like your own performance doesn't matter at all. Maybe max. 1/3 of those games were callable somewhat balanced, yet those often were thrown by either the own or the enemies team.

In case THIS IS similar skill level(not 2+ leagues difference), then you definately need to do sth about educating people how to play better in a team oriented game. About this I already offered suggestions like in-game wikis and such.
It's general knowledge that QM isn't putting players of similar skill together. The matchmaking in QM just makes both teams have the same average MMR but there can be big differences within the team.
So the questions are:
Is this fair and does it makes sense to do it like this?
Does a losing/winning streak proves that matchmaking isn't working?

QM is highly abuseable, if you play with one or two friends and pick the right heroes you can go on huge wining streaks but if you play solo and pick the wrong hero then you will probably loose a lot. The best game experience you can find as a solo player is in HL because you will only play with other solo players who have the same MMR as you and you make your own hero composition.
The only way to fix this is to hold people accountable using metrics that are already gathered in the game. There are a hundred different data points that HOTS is already checking on. This concept was labeled Performance Based MMR awarding and HOTS must find a way to implement it permanently.

It takes 5 people to win a game.
It takes 1 person to lose a game.

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