MMR is still horrible

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I took a break from this game and came back to check if anything has changed and no, nothing has changed. MMR is still the biggest flaw. In over 95% of matches my team is either getting obliterated or totally dominating enemy team.

And oh, boy, people who join games. Dude took whitemane and it was his first time ever with this character. I wouldn't mind if he was any good, but he wasn't, so that essentially makes the game 5.5v4, enemy has a support and feeds of our sup. Cannot you force people to try particular character before joining any game mode? You could explain character's mechanics during that tutorial. Amount of kel thuzads who get their butt handed to them is astonishing this week.

I just played a game where Azmodan (from my team) didn't take any talent until 20 minute mark. Is that some new strategy? He was part of 4 man premade, I guess it was 1 person controlling 4 characters.

Also, bots. Mostly in vs AI games, but still you can see someone in other game modes. Why do you spy on us if it doesn't work? Every blizzard game is plagued by bots and nothing is done. You put more surveillance on honest players wasting our resources and it is for nothing.

Big disappointment.

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